"I Want To Believe"

Jun 10 2013

A new Rasmussen poll has more bad news for Congress: Only 6 percent of Americans think they’re doing a good or excellent job. Their approval rating is getting pretty close to the margin of error. Meanwhile, 64 percent say they’re doing a poor job. So if Congress is about as popular as a cyanide smoothie, how do incumbents keep getting reelected? Well, the same poll found that 46 percent approve of the job their own representative is doing. Only 41 percent disapprove. So apparently, in nearly every case, voters approve of their own Congress member…it’s just all those other idiots who are messing things up.

President Obama is doing better in the polls than Congress – but then, who isn’t? Several new polls show the scandals are taking a toll on Obama’s trustworthiness. A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll finds that 55 percent have doubts about his Administration’s overall honesty and integrity. And a Bloomberg News poll finds that 48 percent believe the IRS targeting of conservative groups was politically motivated. Only 40 percent believe Obama’s claim that he just learned about it. Still, while his approval rating is falling, it’s still above 50 percent. Most Americans are trying to believe Obama, but it’s getting harder and harder. His supporters might have to trade in their “Hope and Change” posters for one of those posters from the “X-Files” that reads, “I Want To Believe.”

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    06/25/2013 12:14 PM

    Please stay on top of the White River Blueway Nomination. It is such a bad thing for our area and our country as a whole. It is amazing the lengths this administration will go for more control. Please consider 2016, you are our best hope.

  • Ken James

    06/13/2013 05:25 AM

    I haven't voted for an incumbent in over 20 years. Congress may not want to legislate term limits for themselves, but I do my part without their "help".

  • Ruby I. Owens

    06/12/2013 01:52 PM

    They get re-elected the same way obama does,,,by fraud and stupidity....Anytime obama comes out with a new agenda I know it's bad news for true Americans......

  • Irene l lopez

    06/11/2013 04:59 PM

    As long as we have Obama in office our country will be in this mess.The dems are money hungry pepole,they couldn,t careless what happens to the American people.Its hard for me to believe this Snowden worked for the NSA without graduating from high school,how in the world did he get a top security Clearence,my ex. husband worked for the NSA & believe me for him to keep his top security clearence i had to have perfect history before i even came to this country & for him to continued working there. What a mess we are in.Govenor Huckabee you would be such a great president & you would have your work cut out ,but at least we would have an honest President.thankyou for all you do for our country, In my 49 yrs here i never thought i would see such seperation & corrupion.Thankyou again

  • Gloria J Henson

    06/10/2013 03:22 PM

    I don't understand! How can Snowden be found guilty of releasing information that Pres Obama says everyone already knew.

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