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  • James D Loomis

    01/26/2014 08:57 PM

    If I could speak to the President I would say"
    Mr. President, you CANNOT deny having Frank Marshall Davis, a Marxist and unrepentant Communist, as your mentor in Hawaii.. You called this friend 'Frank' in your "Dreams From Your Father" memoirs!
    You know EXACTLY what you're doing to intentionally convert the USA to a Socialist, Communist type state. What you're doing is abominable to our great country. I and millions of other Americans know it and think that you should be impeached.
    Come on you Conservatives, step up to the plate and protect our GREAT USA from the Communists.

  • larry kleppinger

    12/23/2013 10:12 AM


    When this country was born out of the blood of our forefathers, the congress (as it was) saw the need (the necessity) of using the Word of God to define what our country stood for. Our laws, bill of rights, amendments to constitution all could be traced to his word. Since then our government has done everything in its power to separate itself from the Bible. For over 20 years of serving in uniform I supported and defended what this country stood for--without hesitation. Today I'm not so sure I would do it over again. What does this country really stand for today--gay and lesbian rights, not being able to express your opinion, political decisions being made based on race and special interests rather than for the good of the people. I grew up in and defended a nation under God. For my two cents, if people in this country find it hard to embrace that concept, send them elsewhere.

  • mary stargardt

    12/22/2013 10:27 PM

    I stand with Phil, and his religious freedom to talk about what he believes.

  • Robert Cross

    12/22/2013 01:48 PM

    I am appalled at how Mr Robertson is being treated for speaking out on what his religious convictions are. I should not be shocked at how the left wingers have once again risen up against a Christian man who really has a substantial faith, and is not afraid to speak out about it. If we are to truly embrace the 1st amendment, then ALL must realize it is a two way street. We, (as Christian conservatives), have the right to speak our beliefs, JUST AS the Atheists, LG community and others. You can't just have it your way! God Bless Phil and I pray for the entire DD family and God, PLEASE bless America again!

  • Mike Gallagher

    12/22/2013 11:46 AM

    Governor Huckabee,
    I also stand with Phil on this issue. It is his right as an American to speak his mind about his beliefs. We, as fellow Americans, should not have to worry about stating our beliefs in any forum. I firmly believe that I have the right to say what I want especially when I speak of my core beliefs, how these beliefs guide how I live, how I raised my children and how I vote. To me, it is un-American for anyone to punish Phil for stating his true beliefs, especially when he is answering questions during an interview. Answers that have since been taken out of context and misinterpretated by the ever so sensitive liberals that are only using this issue to help push their agendas. I admire any person that has the courage to stand up for his belief system. Bottom line is he can say what he wants and be held accountable, and A&E has the right to eliminate him or his TV show. A&E is trying to be politically correct to avoid losing viewers, but also believe that the audience of this particular show will continue to watch it. My bet would be that there is a very small about of GLAAD members that actually enjoy watching a show where the stars demonstrate their commitment to God and Family and who live as Christians.

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