Boston has given us a lot of American heroes. Now, Boston has a new one…Many Americans were outraged when Rolling Stone put a photo of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev on their cover, looking like a teen idol. They tried to justify it, but most people saw it as glamorizing a murderer and terrorist. It was especially upsetting in Boston, where people knew the bombing victims, including small children, who lost their lives and their limbs. Well, to one man with the perfect Boston cop name of Sgt. Sean Murphy, it was more than he could take. He was on the scene taking photos the night Tsarnaev was captured. He said, “This guy is evil,” and he wanted the world to see him as he really is. So he released his photos of Tsarnaev surrendering, still bloody from the shootout with the police. Murphy’s on leave, pending a hearing. Yes, what he did was a breach of police rules. And yes, he should be punished. I’d recommend a one-day suspension – with pay. But I’d also bet that as long as he lives in Boston, he’ll never have to pay for another drink.

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