If you have a job, thank your employer…The Labor Department released its new jobs numbers Friday, and the news is…eh. The economy added 175,000 jobs in February. A bit better than predicted, but nowhere near enough even to start to dig us out of the hole we’ve been in for five years. We need to add about a hundred thousand jobs a month just to keep up with population growth. With so many millions of Americans among the longterm unemployed, covering population growth plus 75,000 extra doesn’t make much of a dent. In fact, the jobless rate actually ticked up a notch, to 6.7 percent, just because so many people who’d given up looking for jobs decided to try again. But the competition’s fierce. One Dayton woman told Bloomberg.com that she finally landed a job after applying at one hundred different businesses. A new chain restaurant in Athens, Ohio, advertised that it was hiring wait staff and got 900 applicants. That place is going to have GREAT service.

Once again, the best place to look for a job was Texas. The Obama Labor Department likes to rap the Lone Star State for creating only “bad” jobs that pay minimum wage. But a new study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas found that since the year 2000, Texas not only led the nation in job creation, it led in creating jobs at all pay levels. In fact, 55 percent of the net jobs created in Texas were in the two highest pay quarters. If you’re looking for a tech or banking job, you might be better off saddling up and heading for Dallas or Houston than hanging around Silicon Valley or Wall Street. And by the way, I’d like to note the arrogance of anyone in the government deciding that some jobs are “bad” jobs. One of the most pernicious ideas to come out of Washington lately is that we should be grateful to the government for “liberating” us from “bad jobs.” Every honest job is worthy of respect. When you do your best every day, employers notice, and those bad jobs tend to get better and better. And the best thing about any so-called “bad” job is that it liberates you from being dependent on the government.

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  • James Colwell

    03/29/2014 02:35 PM

    I like watching your show. I saw you on the Fox network today and heard you comment about Harry Reid. How can Harry Reid become a multi millionaire being elected to the U.S. Senate and its majority leader. That is my question so why is someone not pursuing the answer. Fox should put a reporter on it.

  • Michael Lee

    03/14/2014 01:14 PM

    In 2003 Rick Perry signed a bill that taxed public payrolls. In 2005 the rate was increased. In 2013 taxes on public payrolls increased again. Over 70% of school districts have passed needed Tax Ratification Elections to make up for lost income from State reductions. Rick Perry signed legislation that limits the amount school districts received per penny of tax; therefore, putting money in State coffers from local taxes. In 2009, Rick Perry used $5 billion of "stimulus" to balance the State budget. Governor, tell the whole stort.

  • Michael Lee

    03/12/2014 08:34 AM

    We are fortunate in Texas. However, do not be blinded by our politicians. One way to keep from raising taxes on a State level is to raise taxes on the local level, by taxing public payrolls, by forcing local entities to raise taxes and then scoop the cream off the top for the State. Those of us who follow you deserve to have all the facts presented.

  • Janet Taylor

    03/11/2014 09:57 AM

    Thank You, Mr. Huckabee for always being the voice of reason even in a crowd of fools...I have been a fan of yours since watching the Presidential debates 5 /6 years ago..I am praying every night that Heavenly Father blesses us with some sane enlightened Christian to bring us back from the brink of insanity over taking this country and the rest of the world! You have my support.what ever little that may be.Janet Taylor

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