While students in Egypt are taking to the streets to demand their rights against a tyrannical government, it’s good to see that American students still have a little fight left in them, too. Even if all they’re fighting for is the right to a filling and good-tasting lunch.

As part of Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign, the USDA had been issuing tough new school lunch guidelines. And just like most big government, one-size-fits-all solutions, they didn’t really fit anybody. Students were being given healthy foods they didn’t like and threw away, and football linebackers were being served the same size lunches as 90-pound cheerleaders and going back to class with their stomachs growling. Students held protests and staged walk-outs to McDonald’s. Some budding entrepreneurs even started black markets, selling verboten snacks out of their lockers. School officials complained, too. Well, Washington finally heard their anger. Friday, the USDA loosened the guidelines. They’ll give local lunch planners more flexibility, and they’re doing away with the daily and weekly limits on meats and grains. I just hope they fold as quickly when the angry backlash against Obamacare kicks in.

This may also be a teachable moment for school kids. They get indoctrinated with a lot of big government liberalism in the classroom. But their real life experience with it in the lunchroom just might be enough to turn them all into Young Republicans.

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  • Robert Joseph Daigle

    12/31/2012 06:04 PM

    What's Mike Huckabee's e-mail address?

  • Los Angeles, Mike

    12/14/2012 07:33 PM

    Re: Food for thought

    Kim and George: Very good posts. Yep. Kids have been "trading" lunches since "forever." And, yes,there are so many variables to take into consideration when dealing with kids.

    The key is keeping kids away from soda pop when they are young. That can do numbers on their teeth and sleeping habits. Other than that, the good parents cannot go wrong with common sense teachers.

  • Kim Couch

    12/13/2012 12:18 PM

    It amazes me as a57 year American lady to see the federal govt interfere in a states lunch program . Anyone can see that an athlete whether male or female may require more calories and nutrition in food than someone whose not athletic prone. the first lady had no business interfering in state's program when she should take her own advice on diet and nutrition. As parents we will decide what is best for our children. The federal govt and state has no business interfering since as parents we pay for their lunches, (as I had to when my child was in public school). its time for the govt to butt out of the American lives.

  • George

    12/11/2012 06:34 PM

    Working in the schools of Cali-fornia as a substitute teacher, seeing the little entrepreneurs plying their "black-market" foods, this food-ban has been in effect since Gov. Schwarzenegger passed school food laws here where the districts changed the menu. All Mrs. Obama could have done was look to the West to see what an utter failure her anti-obesity campaign is. Any student with half a mind and not dependent on school lunches can brown bag their lunch to school.

  • Los Angeles, Mike

    12/11/2012 09:08 AM

    Re: Gabby Douglas on faith and success

    More stories like Gabby are needed. Hopefully Gabby got through a little at the White House. 1/20/2013

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