This week, a couple of hundred thousand people will descend on Washington, DC in the annual March for Life. And if I hadn’t just told you about it, you probably would have never heard about it. Let a dozen or so Occupy Wall Street protestors set up camp on the Washington Mall and it will get full throated attention on the nightly news and most likely make the front pages of the NY Times and Washington Post. 250,000 pro-life advocates will at best get a ho-hum brief mention, basically implying that a bunch of right wing nuts are engaged in a war on women, and there’s a better than even chance that the group will be labeled as anti-abortion, though it prefers and deserves the moniker of pro-life. If we are anti-abortion, does that make the opposition pro-abortion instead of pro-choice? It would appear that abortion advocates believe in choice so long as the choice is to end the life of a baby. If a mother chooses to be a mother and give birth, does that make her selfish? Stupid? Enslaved? It doesn’t help that some of the supposed rock stars of Republican consulting tell candidates not to even discuss issues like the sanctity of life, for fear of offending women voters. What those GOP geniuses fail to recognize is that just because THEY can’t defend the life position, it doesn’t mean that some of us can’t. The ridiculous claim that a pro-life position is a “war on women” is an insult to the millions of women who make extraordinary sacrifices for their children. For Democrats to reduce women to beggars for cheap government funded birth control is demeaning to the women I know who are far more complicated than their libido and the management of their reproductive system. Women I know also have brains and use them creatively and effectively to manage everything from a business to a household. Democrats pushing the “war on women” nonsense pretend that women are helpless and hopeless unless the government pays for abortion and birth control. Treating women as victims of their gender is outrageous and the opposite of a appropriate respect for women as equal in worth and value as men. It’s why I appreciate strong women like Serrin Foster, who heads an organization called Feminists for Life, or Marjorie Dannenfelser, the CEO of the Susan B. Anthony Fund. These are women who want no part of being miniaturized and marginalized as incapable of responsibility for their unique and noble abilities as women. They understand that real power for a woman is to give life, not to take it. The good news is that increasing numbers of younger women are decidedly pro-life. In part because believing that life has value from its origins is consistent with solid science; and in part because they recognize that devaluing any life is hardly the means to elevate women. For the timid, hand-wringing Republican consultants who are afraid to take a stand for life, look instead at the admirable example of RNC Chairman Reince Preibus, who this week will delay the convening of the RNC winter meeting so that national committee members can participate in the March for Life. He is demonstrating that the the best way to counter the Democrats’ phony charge of “war on women” is to lead in the war FOR women. All women…even the ones yet to be born.

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  • Lea Hildebrand

    01/27/2014 07:49 PM

    Hi, Governor...First, you are the most articulate person I have ever encountered, so far be it for me to take issue with you on your choice or your ownership of words; however, I will attempt to do so in a way that I hope you understand.

    I, as did many others, heard the sound bite "control their libido" repeatedly on screen for the past week or so.

    (1) You SHOULD stand by the premise that, were it not for the sexual freedom in which we (as a society) allow ourselves to engage, this wouldn't even be an issue;

    (2) the use of the word "libido", for me, is neither here not there; however, while I concede that almost all the comments in your talk were were attributed to the Democrats and their "agenda" for women, I don't believe the Democrats would have used the phrase about women not being able to "control their libido" -- they're not that moral -- my point being that you need to OWN the phrase and not apologize for it but let it work FOR you.

    Republican believers need to stand more for what we are FOR as much or more than what we are AGAINST.

    P.S. if you are running, I am voting!

  • Brett Benson

    01/27/2014 11:02 AM

    Good points, Mike! Some other good news is that abortion clinics are closing at a very high rate. I also think it would help the debate even more to call the yet to be born children "pre-born" instead of "unborn."
    Brett B., Minnesota

  • Theresa Kennedy

    01/27/2014 12:19 AM

    During your show today while trying to defend your stupid comments at RNC event, you mentioned you don't want your tax dollars used to pay for birth control, well I don't want my tax dollars spent and any more wars.....

  • Ed Smith

    01/26/2014 03:26 AM

    I have a friend that is a devout Christian and republican, I always try to get closer to his point of view and he likes you. The fact that you say dems not only misrepresent what you say which they did, you go on to be just as bad by saying they as a group think women are mindless sex animals that need bc

  • Anthony Marzullo

    01/25/2014 08:22 PM

    I prefer the term anti-choicers! This fight was over 30 years ago. The majority spoke and the religious minority has fought for 30 years using every underhanded tactic possible. masking the true nature of bills with obscure names to confuse the electorate, passing in special sessions, etc. Each time the court challenges overturn oppressive legislation. If you don't condone abortion then don't get one. Preventing others and attacking them personally is very petty for someone who supposedly has higher moral values. The reason we have laws is to prevent one group from imposing their beliefs on others. This was founded as a free country to prevent religious persecution not to preserve it.

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