To better understand the true economics of Obamacare, I’ve turned to one of our nation’s foremost experts on the acquisition of goods and services by way of long-term debt. Most of his expertise is in the field of commodities trading and food supplies. Yes, Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons understood the dynamics at work in Obamacare decades before it would even be introduced. I studied economics under Wimpy as a result of my devotion to Popeye cartoons when I was a young tike. Thanks to Popeye, I downed many a can of Popeye brand Spinach from the Allen Canning Company so I could be strong. But it was Wimpy who understood the value of enjoying a product today that would be paid for later. I think he can help us understand Obamacare. This week we learned that more than 3 times the number of people signed up for free Obamacare health care through Medicaid than signed up for a plan they would pay for and many of the ones paying will only pay part of the cost thanks to generous subsidies for some people. So let’s say Obamacare is like a hamburger. And suppose hamburgers have cost $5. 85% of people have hamburgers and like the burgers and think $5 is a good price. But it’s not fair that 15% of the people didn’t have hamburgers, so we create Obamaburger that will create universal hamburger access. Now true, some of the 15% don’t have hamburgers because they are vegetarians, and some because they’d rather buy hot dogs, so there are only about 5% who truly can’t get hamburgers. With Obamaburger, we will have to raise the price of burgers to $7.50 for those who used to pay $5 so they can pay for the ones who don’t have burgers. And some people will now get Obamaburgers for free, others will only pay $2 for the $7.50 burger. But so many people want free burgers and the $7.50 burger for $2 that the people who used to buy the $5 burger and thought they would have to now pay $7.50 will actually have to pay $10 for their burgers to make up the difference from the free ones and reduced cost ones. We are going to give all the folks in our audience a coupon that will let them pay $10 for the $5 dollar Obamaburger. No, it’s not a coupon that let’s them have a $10 dollar burger for $5, but a $5 burger for $10. Some of the customers don’t want the deluxe burger because they can’t afford it, but we think everyone should have a burger with lettuce, onion, cheese, pickles, tomato, and mustard so you will have your burger OUR way—not yours and you will pay for all the extras even if you don’t like them or are allergic to them. If that sounds utterly ridiculous, it’s because it IS ridiculous. But that, my friend is Obamacare. It is based on the notion that Americans would just love to pay up to 4 times what they are currently paying for a policy that they don’t want with features they can’t afford or won’t use, so they can give free insurance to people who didn’t want it until it was free. And Thursday, even the Salesman in Chief had to admit that he hadn’t been telling the truth about keeping your burger if you liked it. I have one thing to add, Mr. President: “Would you like fries with those lies?”

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  • Vivian McAlexander

    11/23/2013 10:46 AM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    My family and I are faithful Fox News and Huckabee fan. We love you and Fox News!

    Never the less, there is a band we would love for you to feature on your show. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. They are a very poeerful, down to earth, and rockin' band! They have a couple songs that are perfect for our times. 'Can't Pay The Bill' (fits Obamacare'), and 'Something For Nothing' (welfare and disability hacks). My favorite RPBDB CD is 'Between The Ditches'. Do check them out! Rev. Josh Peyyton rly is a reverend. They are only a trio. They use a washboard, spoons, and even a big plastic bottle for indtruments.
    Before closing, I am a guitar lover. Your bass is so beautiful. What brand is it? I can't seem to make it out. Do you have a Gender Precision Bass? I am a Fender fan.

    Take care and God bless!
    Love, Viv

  • Houston Weaver

    11/22/2013 01:43 PM

    Everything hinges on the young people to sign up and pay for everyone else, we get it, but has anyone thought of the older folks that are on medicare? we are in an ever shrinking space between a ROCK and a HARD-SPOT. When I retired in 1994 I took the option from the Company to keep my medical plan but the Company contribution was no longer there so I payed the whole premium. Then when I got to 65 that Ins. Co. I had payed into changed my policy to an supplement plan even though I didn't want to go off my plan. It was a blessing in disguise because if you don't go into Medicare when you turn 65, they penalize you. A friend had Ins. with a Ins Co. directly, not through an Employer, that didn't change but when they wanted to go up substantially due to there age she went to the Medicare office and were denied because they didn't come in at age 65 to sign up. I was Furious when they just swapped me to that supplement plan, because I wanted to be self sufficient but you aren't because the Gov. takes out for medicare from your S.S.I. check even though you don't sign up for medicare. Remember the blessing mentioned above, I wouldn't have been spared the penalty of not having a product but having my check Garnished for it like my friend when her insurance upped her premium to where she couldn't pay for it and she lost her coverage. now she is just waiting to get on medicaid, if she can. Now that my wife and I are on medicare, we found an advantage plan that we can use so we can cut out all the paper work for individuals when they seek service. Now Obama is cutting there funds so services are shrinking. When they get so shrunken and worse than now what are we to do go into medicaid and are they going to continue to Garnish my S.S.I. check.
    Sorry got on a soap box there, Lets stick to the facts. My wife and I are not better off on Medicare. We had a good plan with small deductible and an fordable premium that included Vision that payed for the exam and Glasses, and Dental that payed for preventative and other necessary work like repair to Dentures, I can get preventative care for the four(4) teeth I have but have to pay the $100.00 an hour to get my Denture fixed, and who can find a pair of frames and lenses for $125.00. Getting OLD and on a FIXED income is not for sissies or wimps.
    If you think the Elderly have it good, most that I know(the blue collar workers) don't. We live from almost from pay day to pay day.

  • Ashley M. Wright

    11/20/2013 08:34 AM

    Outstanding satire, sir! But I'm pretty sure Mrs. Obama would require kids to run to the Obama burger or some other silliness. Sadly, with the number of doctors leaving medicine due to Obamacare, there would be no one to treat the side effects of the Obamaburger. On a serious note, it concerns me that the media pundits compare the low approval ratings to Obama after the rollout to the approval ratings of Bush II after Katrina. While there were missteps with FEMA, no doubt, but you cannot compare an act of God to Obamacare. People had days to prepare for Katrina; YEARS to prepare for the rollout. This is a self inflicted gunshot wound that was known years in advance. Does that count as a pre-existing condition? Good luck trying to get some to attend to that gunshot....

  • Dr. Samuel Ina

    11/19/2013 02:54 PM

    I'm writing about CGI the company responsible for the software for setting up Obamacare on the internet. This companies particulars donated $45000000. to the Obama campaign. Did the gov't get three or more bids before selecting CGI. Who is paying for the extra time involved in correcting all the mistakes on the website? Some digging into the facts should lead to some interesting manifestations....

  • David Allen

    11/19/2013 01:14 PM

    Hello Gov. Yesterday, Nov. 18, while listening to you radio show, someone mentioned taking a chip for ID proof. I was disappointed by you response. Although I'm not a consp. nut, I do see a danger with the Obamacare computer program.
    1. I have a close relative who has served as Senior Programmer for Gov. defense programs. He said 2 million lines of code is a very large program, capable of simulating reality and soldiers responses to various situations, a virtual reality environment.
    2. Obama described this program as containing 5 million lines of code. It doesn't take that many lines to write an insurance policy.
    3. I believe our government, under the guise of national security, is using this program to combine all information collected on citizens so it can be accessed at one point. I don't object to info being collected on citizens to maintain security, if that's what it takes.
    4. The security of this information is questionable when controlled by our government. There is nothing that can't be hacked.
    5. If hacked, this would be the largest ID theft ever committed and leave us all vulnerable to ID thieves.
    6. With all our personal info. exposed, we will need some concrete means of proving who we are.
    7. Therein enters the chip. Without the ability to prove who we are, our ability to access medical care, purchases, etc. would be impossible.
    Consider how many things, we now use, to prove who we are in order to exist in today's society. Our ability to subsist depends on the security of all this information. I believe we aren't getting the complete story on the failure of this program because we are not being allowed to learn what all this program collects.
    Collection of info to maintain National Security is not a conspiracy, it's a fact of life in our present society.
    Please don't write off the possibility of this program resulting in the need for the "mark of the beast".
    I will remain a fan, love your radio show on Supertalk and will continue to follow.

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