Nudge Squad

Aug 05 2013

The Obama administration has decided that Americans need to be pushed in the right direction to behave in more healthy, efficient, politically-correct ways. We can’t let all those Americans just keep walking around loose and doing whatever they like! So the White House put out a memo, seeking four or five behavioral science experts to form a “Nudge Squad,” and design public policies that subtly nudge us to do what the government thinks is in our best interests, like lose weight, eat healthier or pay our taxes on time. And why is called the “Nudge Squad?” Because if they called it something like the “Nanny Brigade” or the “Nagging Know-It-All Club,” we’d probably tell them where to stick it. That is, if they hadn’t already told us not to talk like that or they’d wash our mouths out with Lifebuoy.

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