Texas Won't Roll Over

Jul 29 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder announced plans last week to ask a federal judge to force Texas to get permission from him before making any changes to state election laws. He bases this on his claim that the state’s election laws are historically racist. Now, this seems to be in open defiance of the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down part of the Voting Rights Act. But Holder’s defenders claim he has the Constitutional right to do it. But in this case, if he wanted to make a show of federal power, he might have picked a fight with the wrong state. Texas officials reacted to Holder’s move about as well as they would have to word that the Mexican Army was trying to invade the Alamo again.

Texas leaders reject the idea that their elections are racist, and point to all the minority office holders they’ve sent to Washington. Many suspect it’s a purely political move: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott pointed out on my radio show that legal protocol demanded this decision be filed in court so the state could respond, not presented with maximum theatrics in a speech to the Urban League. And many Texas officials think the success of the state rankles the Obama White House. Texas has been responsible for much of the job growth that Obama takes credit for, and they’ve done it by following policies that are the opposite of Obama’s. Texans won’t roll over for Holder. And one thing he might not have considered: after four years of Obama, Texas just might have more money to hire lawyers than Washington does.

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  • Nancy Manning

    07/30/2013 04:01 PM

    So glad someone is standing up to this administration. God bless Texas!

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