Ariel Sharon

Jan 11 2014

Former Israeli PR Ariel Sharon has died at the age of 85. He was instrumental in the earliest days of modern Israel’s history when in 1948, he fought with the Haganah which later became the Israeli Defense Force. He was a celebrated an immensely powerful military figure leading troops in all of Israel’s major conflicts including the War for Independence, 6 Day War, and the Yom Kippur War. He led in major settlements in Judea and Samaria in the 90’s, but in 2005, he ordered Israeli citizens to leave Gaza and eventually forced them out of their homes in communities like Gush Katif. The sincerity of his intentions in giving up land with the hopes of peace didn’t change the outcome of creating a more dangerous environment in Gaza. Nothing however will tarnish his reputation as one of Israel’s mightiest and most effective warriors and leaders. His life was a living sacrifice for the nation he loved and served. Ariel Sharon, dead at the age of 85. Our prayers go out to his family.

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  • Dan Orosco

    01/16/2014 07:19 PM

    Let's leave Israel alone and concentrate on the USA. Israel is not part of our country. Put America first not Israel!

  • Jeremy Lane Mott

    01/15/2014 09:16 PM

    I remember when Sharon was PM of Israel, and I was saddened when I heard of his passing, I pray that his life is remembered for the positive that he did, not the negative that occurred.

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