The Supreme Court got it right, today, but barely. In the 5-4 decision, the court ruled that the government can't force an employer in a privately held company to provide abortifacient drugs as part of its health care plan.

Only in the la-la land of left would it sound reasonable that government has created not only a 'right' to take the life of a child, but the obligation of providing it, even when it violated the First Amendment rights of that employer. The government can't say, 'you can have some religion, but only what the government agrees is sufficient.'

The Hobby Lobby ruling is yet another repudiation of the overreaching dictates of the Obama administration and a good day for freedom.

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  • Mark W. Pettigrew

    07/20/2014 04:15 PM

    The Hobby Lobby decision was one in which I saw where my Facebook friends stood in terms of politics.

    I unfriended one Christian brother who didn't really seem to understand the principles that were involved. He argued that Hobby Lobby was not protected by laws that guaranteed freedom of religion, because Hobby Lobby was not a religious organization. As if people only had a legal rights in terms of freedom of conscience if they worked for specifically religious institutions!

    We need a man like Mike Huckabee or Alan Keyes in the White House. Barack Obama is a joke, and not a very funny one.

  • Aaron Nowling

    07/16/2014 01:05 PM

    Governor: I would like to know who is paying for the fundraising trips that Mr. Obama takes. We need coverage of both the aviation, security, and lodging expense. The news media has failed us in covering these items. My guess is it takes $175,000 an hour to keep Air Force 1 in the air. Question who is paying-the democratic party or the American taxpayer.

  • Sushil Bhattacharjee

    07/14/2014 10:25 AM

    I listen to your show regularly and appreciate your candor. However, you have never discloseed that you spend a lot of money on private jet travel. You sound like a commoner, however you live a grand style far removed from the lifestyle ordinary preacher or even an ex Governor.

  • Dr. Deborah White

    07/12/2014 09:11 PM

    Praise God!
    Thanks for all you do for America. I watch your show almost every week and I am encouraged that there is someone who seems genuinely concerned about our country and not about themselves or making money. My dad is a 95 year old WWII vet and he often looks bewildered about our country as he wonders what he fought for - it seems to be slowly slipping away. I work for a public university and often feel targeted for my faith and conservative values. Please keep up the good work!

  • Mark D

    07/11/2014 10:52 PM

    I love these comments below. Compassion for a sperm and an egg, but not for children from another country. How Christian of you.
    Cliff, While you are at it, why don't you ban the rhythm method as well.
    Also, Tami, I'll send you a science book you may want to read. The morning after pill or an IUD prevents having to have an abortion. And let me ask you this. If, after intercourse, the egg and the sperm do not lead to conception, does that mean that God has aborted the "fetus?"

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