Brace yourself because I think there’s one aspect of Obamacare where the President is absolutely right: (SOT) The Republicans need to stop fighting among themselves about who dislikes Obamacare the most. Every single Republican in both the House and Senate voted against it. Every one. Not one Republican is on the hook for Obamacare. The Democrats own it--totally and completely. And if the Republicans in the House and Senate feel as I do that it really is a job-killing, economy-busting disaster that will increase costs, raise taxes, limit medical choices, and leave people in the lurches, then I want to suggest a way to fight it more effectively. All the Republicans in both the House and Senate voted to defund and or delay Obamacare, but they didn’t have the votes. So, my advice is simple: Give the Democrats Obamacare under these conditions: No delays for anyone. Not big business, not small business, not labor unions, not states, not members of Congress or their staffs. And no exemptions. None. Not one group gets an exemption from Obamacare. Especially not Congress or their staff. Make the Democrats eat their own cooking. If they think it’s good for our plates, then they need to put it on their plates too and take the first bite. Republicans can’t really defund Obamacare because the votes just aren’t there. So draft a bill that funds it, but which allows no exceptions for delays and no exemptions for anyone to avoid it. And add this provision based on the President’s proposal: write in the bill a sunset clause. The bill automatically expires and has to be reauthorized on January 15, 2015. If it’s as good as President Obama and Democrats say it is, they public will love it so much they will insist that it be reauthorized. If it’s as disastrous as Republicans, the general public, and I think it will be, then Republicans will win enough elections next year to gain control of the Senate with a likely super majority and add enough numbers in the House to override a Presidential veto. I sometimes see things through Biblical lessons so here’s the lesson. This is a Mt. Carmel moment. Remember that great moment from the book of I Kings, Chapter 18, when the prophet Elijah challenged 450 prophets of Baal to meet him on Mt. Carmel? Elijah didn’t try to delay or defund those false prophets. He told them they could take their best shot to call fire from heaven, and he would as well. There were 450 of them; just one of him. They tried for hours to call for fire to fall and they had no fire. Elijah, being a good sport, didn’t mind being outnumbered 450-1. He even ordered the wood around the altar to be drenched with water so any fire would have a hard time consuming his offering. He so believed he was following the right God that he put everything on the line—in public for the world to see. No middle of the night backroom deals—all out in the open. And when Elijah called, the fire fell and the sacrifice and the altar were consumed. My plan for the Republicans: Give the Democrats what they want for one year. Make it clear to the American public that it belongs to the Democrats. If it works like President Obama, Harry Reid, Hillary and Nancy Pelosi claim, then America will be better off and I will take to any platform or stage to apologize and acknowledge they were right and we were wrong. But if the people of America are as disgusted with it as I predict they will be, then Obamacare will end January 15, 2015 and Republicans will control both the House and Senate and be poised to elect a Republican President in 2016. Having convictions is one thing. Risking everything for them is political courage. We need that kind of confident courage in the Congress today. That’s how we stop Obamacare.

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  • James Merrick

    10/09/2013 10:09 PM

    Amen Brother. Let the democrats have what they want and let the American people they own it. My Mom always said to be careful what you wish for.

  • Martin Keon

    10/09/2013 03:22 PM

    You are right. If everyone is so certain Obamacare will fail then let the Dems have their shot. I'm sure it will fail.
    They say prices won't go up but of course they will. Every European government promised that the introduction of the Euro currency would not bring price inflation but it did. Federal care will do the same. House Republicans have put themselves in a terrible position to which they cannot back away from now. After the Syria debacle Obama is weak. Putin is now annexing parts of Georgia while still basking in the glory of his peace-keeping halo that Obama gave him. Obamacare could be the disaster that tilts the next election towards a Republican majority.
    Give him enough rope to hang himself with.

  • Helen Allen

    10/07/2013 10:37 AM

    When is Americans going to stop whining and stand up for this country? Obama is the son of Satan and everything he has done from day one is to destroy America and everything she stands for. You can raise all the money in the world, but you had 8 years to stop this evil, lying, American, military hater. He hates everything America stands for. This man is pure evil to his soul and should have never gotten away with the crimes he has committed and continues to commit. How dare he refuse to allow our veterans access to visit their fallen comrades who fought and died for this country. How dare he refuse to allow fishing boats to sail in the Atlantic and Pacific? He doesn't own this world? He has blood on his hands and must be arrested and stand trial for his crimes against humanity and America. I say again, Stop whining, stop trying to raise money, stop petions, he's only laughing that we are not going to do anything. He made himself Dictator and he will rule with a fist of iron. He vows to crush and make our lives as miserable as he can. We haven't seen anything this Narcissist is capable of. I an am Army Vet and am at a loss why our Military Commanders are following the greatest threat to this nation than the terrorist ever were. Our military took an oath to protect America from an enemy here and abroad They have failed us and we have now become the laughing stock of the entire world. Our only allies have been spit on by this evil tyrant who isn't even an American citizen. He came here on a foreign passport, never applied for US Citizenship, and has 13 different SS numbers with his name on them. The Satan is so proud of his son, Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Milton James

    10/07/2013 09:40 AM

    David took a stand against Goliath. He did not have the option of negotiation. We must take a stand now before it is too late to save the USA. Milton James

  • Bud Surles

    10/06/2013 10:53 AM

    Seldom do we disagree, but on this issue we do. We sent the Republicans to Washington in 2010 for one purpose only -- to defeat Obamacare. They acquiesced to the Supreme Court and that failed. They deferred to Romney and he failed to connect. Now is the time to do what we sent them there for. It is a statesman that stands for right and the public good in the face of a losing strategy. We need men and women with the integrity to do what they said they would do. Now is the time. Thank you for all you do. Bud Surles

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