I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my wife and I were celebrating 40 years of marriage, so we took a trip to China. From the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijing; the Terra Cotta Warriors near Xian; the stunning skyline of Shanghai; to the Sichuan Province and Chengdu. It was there Janet held and fed a baby Panda. And no, I didn’t bring a real one home for the grandkids! Many Americans fear that China might get too strong. I must confess that I’m not worried that China will get too strong. I am worried that America might be getting too weak. Other nations having a strong economy is not bad for the United States. One less hungry mouthed country wanting us to take care of it and its people is great.

If they have money, maybe they will buy the things we innovate and make. We need to be fear that we will quit innovating and making things because excess taxation, regulation, and litigation will drive the jobs and the money away from American working men and women. I was stunned that China is becoming more like America used to be, and America is becoming more like China used to be. While America’s infrastructure crumbles, China is busy building its roadways, bridges, airports, and utility systems. China is still a communist governed country and we’re still a constitutional republic, but they are allowing more and more free enterprise and personal ownership, and we’re watching our government take away land rights and personal and religious freedoms at a stunning rate.

I don’t want what still remains of Chinese communism, but maybe we could loan them our Constitution—doesn’t appear that we’re using it much these days anyhow. We still have some advantages: The Chinese exercise strict control over the internet, blocking FB, You Tube, and a lot of websites, including the New York Times because they feel it’s proganda; but then, we have members of Congress pushing for greater control over the internet as well, and I’m not sure but what the Chinese might have it right on the New York Times. They scrub their history books of moments like the brutal killing of protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989; good thing we don’t re-write our history just to ignore parts of it that aren’t politically correct. But then, have you seen an American history book lately? The Chinese are notorious for spying on its citizens and using the full force of government to monitor its people and minimize dissent and religious expression. Thank God the United States would never do that! Oh, but then our government collects our phone calls, web searches, and tracks us and is systematically scrubbing God from the public square. China’s government regulates much of daily life for its citizens, from housing, health care, education, and personal artistic freedom, even though one can see a lot of personal freedoms in public parks where people can sing, dance, or do Tai Chai. I’m pretty sure that if people used personal amplification devices in New York’s Central Park, the strong arm of New York City would stop that. China has a history of dealing harshly with those it perceives as its enemies---some just disappear. We have strict constitutional protections in America to guarantee civil rights, being able to face our accuser, not having our homes searched or our property seized without a warrant. Unless of course, we happen to be a citizens sitting where a drone drops a bomb or fires a missile at us, but that saves the cost of a pesky trial. And sometimes the people we kill aren’t even our enemies. Sometimes, they are our veterans, who thought we’d give them protection and health care. They gave us our liberties; by mistreating them and killing them, we take away theirs. I don’t fear that China is becoming more like the United States used to be; I fear America is becoming more like what China used to be.

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  • leigha cohen

    08/22/2014 05:24 PM

    As a grandchild of a US Vet (now deceased), who was Commander of a Naval Ship in the China sea and an American Doctor for Mei Ling (Chiang Kai Shek's wife) during the last empire in China, I can view China and the Chinese through different lenses than through the lens of a Tourist.

    Living in two countries that welcomed many immigrants from China, I've taught and known many. The Chinese still migrate to America today for good reason. Some of Mike's comments about China today are true.

    Yet, never assume. Make no mistake, China is no America or similar Western nation. Why? I'm surprised Mike did not mention this. China has no basis of Morality and Law that we had-the Torah and the Prophets-from our founding as a nation. The Scriptures, both Old and New, the Magna Carta that inspired our Constitution. One of a kind Lord and Savior, one of a kind country. Only in the US of A. Millions came and still do. For good reason. Now, well we have changed as a culture/society. We sold out and now we will pay. Question is: will you sell out and become part of the problem-or fight the good fight?

  • Samuel Rojas

    07/01/2014 07:35 PM

    By losing the World Cup soccer game, this country has sealed another chapter of its fateful decline. If anybody notices, every facet this country has been engaged in lately, it has been a losing preposition.
    Sports, the US has turned into a perennial loser, in education, stands among the last places of the industrial countries, even some third world countries. Financially, it has become the largest debtor in the world and growing, in foreign affairs, this president has made it the laughing stock of the world. "No respect". Militarily, it cannot meet its obligations and it is performing from behind and the results are palpable. This country has put God aside, it is morally bankrupt, and those are the consequences that we are witnessing.
    Today, drugs legalization, gay marriage, sexual immorality has become the rule rather than the exception and people still expect life to go on as usual?
    This country is going down the tubes and yet, Americans refuse to change their ways, and in fact, are determined to dive deeper into a sexpool of perdition and acceptance of unnatural acts and sexual aberrations. Americans are living in state of denial. The fall of the Roman Empire, all over again. History repeating itself.
    This country has been cursed and unless it gets out of the gutter and find God again, it goes back to the founding principles that made this a great nation, the results will be far worst.
    Go ahead, and laugh, call me nerd, crazy, but mark my words, and see who would be right at the end of this chapter. May the Good Lord have mercy on all of us.

  • eldon sweaingen

    06/24/2014 08:21 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, Sir please consider running for president. We need your Christian values and leadership. I've loved you for years as a brother in Christ and think this country needs you. I will pledge as much time as needed toward your campaign. Time to step up. God calling.

  • Chad McCabe

    06/08/2014 11:32 PM

    Hello Mike,
    I have been watching your show for a while now and I really wish you were the person that you portray yourself to be. I don't consider it an informative and fair debate when all of your guests are republicans who help you trash president Obama. Also if you really are such a fair person then how have you already convicted the soldier we traded the five terrorist for. Shouldn't he have the opportunity to tell his side of the story before you judge him? Oh I guess you’re probably not judging him because as a Christian you know only the lord can cast judgment. It just sounds like judgmental statements. Honestly I don't expect to get a reply from you because you are going to be busy running for president. I'm just glad that you have absolutely no chance of winning the Republican nomination little less being president. As for your show why don't you try having a few liberals on and having a healthy debate instead of casting judgment and having other republicans confirm your opinions. It seems kind of lopsided to me, however I guess as a candidate it makes you look better if there isn’t anyone to question you.

    Best wishes,

  • Howard A. Hodges

    06/08/2014 09:44 PM

    I'm a FMR Marine, Eagle Scout, BS degree, worked hard all my life with no criminal record. I got sick, arthritis and sleep apnea, lost my weld career, got thrown under the bus. I now make envelopes for $10.20/hr. And I have a family to support.
    My election choices are, a party that forces us senior citizens to hard menial labor at corporations for life in a nation where great and rich people are crooks and people of good values have jobs like mine, or a party that is deliberatly destroying America for its forign financiers. How do I sell the first party?

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