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  • Sherry Kraynak

    09/18/2013 11:24 AM

    I am praying our Heavenly Father will work miracles, send His angels, and protect and provide for our brothers and sister Christians wherever they are being persecuted. Amen!!

  • eva scott

    09/18/2013 05:29 AM

    I think Obama himself is a muslem he came from a church that taught to hate americans just cause he has some birth certificate saying is is from hawaii does not mean it could not have been forged in someway or one just made up because the goverment can make a false certificate for Obama if they wanted to.another thing i never voted for Obama he is making america fall apart. The taxes on taxes also refusing to drill for oil here which if we drilled for our own oil the gas prices will be cheaper buissnesses would not need to struggle and we would have more jobs.He is killing us by giving our money that we dont have to other countries punishing us to make more the health care plan he came up with how is that going to help us when we cant even pay our car insurance much less cant even buy food week for week.I want america back they work for us its time they stop trying to control us and do the job that they are meant to do.Obamas wife thinks she is going to tell me what food or drinks that my kids can have she has another thing coming these our my children and no one tells me what to do with them. And further more i believe in the religion that i grew up around and noone is goign to force me other wise thats un Godly who are they working for really is it satan.God is of love and of peace he is not of murder and control thats sins and he is against sin thats why we are forgiven.I was not put on this earth to live for others beliefs I was put on this earth to walk in the life of God to serve God not another human.The people in this world are pretty messed up and really they are confused.I do believe not all people are bad anywhere in this world weither its in america or anywhere over sea's but there are also true idiots who do nothing but run in hate. Thank you

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