We are learning more about Israel’s weekend air strikes on targets in Syria that reportedly held Iran-made missiles bound for Hezbollah to fire into Israel. It’s been reported that Israel held its fire for a long time, until it got reports that Iran was starting to supply more advanced missiles that had the ability to hit Israeli population centers, possibly armed with some of those Syrian chemical weapons we keep hearing about. Meanwhile, as Syria’s leaders and their neighbors rail about Israel committing an act of war against them – I guess acting as a conduit for missiles targeted at the Israeli people isn’t an act of war – they might bear in mind that if they attack Israel, they’ll have the US to deal with, too.

The Daily Beast reports that Israel didn’t explicitly inform the US of the latest air strikes, or ask permission. But US intelligence sources say there’s been a series of high-level meetings over the past year. Israel laid out the exact conditions that would result in them launching a strike. And Israel’s red lines are bold and clear. One source said they might not have telegraphed these particular strikes, but in general, they told the US in “every possible way” what was coming.

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  • steph conrad

    05/21/2013 11:18 AM

    It's about time Israel start fighting back. No one can blame them. I am sure the US would never have been as patient with these pesky little terrorist.

  • Johanna Keyser

    05/12/2013 11:50 PM

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  • Evangeline M Garcia

    05/12/2013 09:01 PM

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  • Debbie Shafer

    05/08/2013 04:09 PM

    Israel: Never give your hand or your information to the American government or Obama. Do what you need to do to protect your assets and your people.

  • Robert Renfroe

    05/08/2013 07:42 AM

    The nations of the world are gathering in the Middle East. Is this the beginning of WW3?

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