There is a lot to be disappointed by in the election results this evening and I am disappointed, but not despondent.

Tonight's results only remind me that our country has slipped into a deeper state of dependence on government than I wanted to believe. Where the Goliath of government has grown so too has our dependency.

It's also increasingly apparent to me that our real problems are not political, but spiritual. Both parties have failed to acknowledge that. Democrats have not wanted to even acknowledge the need for God in our public institutions, but sadly, many of the Republican leadership will acknowledge God, but not because they believe we should be humble before Him, but to use God in our speeches and platforms. We wear our love of Israel like a badge of courage but on the issues of life and marriage too many of our leaders are more like lambs than Lions of Judah.

Well now maybe our Republican Party will look at itself in the mirror. I feel that we shouldn't pack up and quit, but gear up and get ready for the next battle. That's what we do as people of faith and a party of principle. We don't stop believing what we believe. We do a better job of doing what we're supposed to do. That’s how you attract voters and win elections. And that is how you save America from herself.

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  • Lars Justinen

    01/03/2013 03:32 AM

    Nothing ensures the future failure of the Republican party than to embrace the self-righteous non-Biblical notion that we white people are special in the eyes of God and that God is on our side. The Eternal Creator is not created in our image. The religious leaders of Jesus' day thought they knew what God looked like and crucified Him, believing they were doing God's will. Let's humble ourselves and abandon the idol of politics that has masqueraded as genuine Christianity.

  • Danny Green

    11/16/2012 02:12 PM

    Sir, I am a white middle class, Christian conservative born in 1952. I believe my childhood years in the 50's were most likely the best time ever that I could've grown up in. My mother was a Registered Nurse and my father a law officer. That gives you and idea of who I am and like I said, being a white, middle class boy in the 50's was a wonderful time for me. I understand that it was not so good for people of other races, especially the black people back then. I believe in civil rights and believe God created us all equal. That being said, I understand part of the reason I believe Gov. Romney lost the election. Too many of us still want to believe that this great country of ours is still like "Leave it to Beaver" and of course it is not. We need people of our age group
    that understand that it is now more like "Leave it to Paco" I am not trying to be funny here even though that statement could be taken that way. I am for fair and equal treatment for all citizens but our world has changed completely in my lifetime and yours as well. Only God and a true return to the moral values our forefathers intended for this country to be is the answer for the United States of America. I sir do indeed pray this will happen but am not very optimistic about it because the true Christian people of this land need to humble themselves and not only pray for our country but stand up and fight for our rights of who we are as a country and as the Body of Christ. I thank you sir for your candor and your service not only to this country but to God. May His blessing be upon you and your family and may we all remember to truly be thankful this upcoming holiday for all God has given us as a land and a people.

  • Rebecca Quinten

    11/15/2012 12:17 PM

    Dear John,

    I appreciate your viewpoint and respect your right to voice and have it.I respectfully disagree. Sadly John, our dependance on the government will make all of poor and despondent. Unemployment went up nearly 100,000 this morning. They are now dependant upon the government for 100% of their needs. I hope you are gainfully employed and able to pay your bills and taxes. They will go up John. And all will suffer. I am looking forward to paying the mile tax on driving. At that point I will be walking to where I need to go. I will also reach out my hand to my disabled neighbors and assist them to the best of my ability. What will you do John?

    God help America

  • Roberta Rystrom

    11/14/2012 03:32 PM

    Why was it never brought up during the campaigns that Obama and the Dems were in control of the House & Senate
    for the last two years of Bush's term. They helped make the fiscal mess that Obama inherited. This information got pushed to the side. WHY?

  • Dennis Walkup

    11/13/2012 10:50 AM

    I understand but some may not. If we wanted freedom of choice why did the mass vote for a socialist government to take away all our choices.

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