The group American Atheists sued back in 2011 to block the display of what’s called the World Trade Center Cross, formed when 2 beams of metal girding melted into what appeared to be a cross. It was discovered by rescue workers who found solace in the presence of the cross. Many of the workers-- Christian, Jewish, and others --were encouraged and given hope as they encountered the sight of the beams. But not everyone was encouraged. The American Atheists have sued to prohibit the display of the beams in the museum which tells the story of the World Trade Center and the selfless heroes who initially risked their lives to save lives buried in the rubble, and then spent months risking their safety and health looking for remains of those murdered on 9-11. Whether the Atheist group likes it or not, that cross is part of the story and history of the rescue effort. I’m tempted to simply say to the American Atheists, “get over it, you whiny self-absorbed loons.” But that wouldn’t be polite, so let me say it another way. The Atheists claim that the mere presence of the cross caused them to suffer indigestion, depression, headaches and more physical symptoms. Seriously? It takes more faith to believe that nonsense than for them just to say that they can’t stand it for some people to have a joy that escapes their pathetic lives. The case is now pending before the US Court of Appeals. If I sued someone every time I was offended by those who treated my faith with ridicule and contempt, I’d keep a large law firm in business. I’m not in the least offended by the Jewish star of David or by the Muslim moon and stars. But I am offended that an activist group of atheists get their shorts in a wad because of what the atheists say are just 2 metal beams of scrap metal. If I were the judge, I’d tell the atheists that since they think other people are stupid to see something spiritual in those beams, then just laugh at them for seeing something in scrap metal and get a life. The good news is that the ultimate judge still would like to give even those atheists an eternal life.

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  • Bruce Bausch

    03/11/2014 09:40 AM

    Atheists are a special type of cultist who worship THEMSELVES as god. Listen to them judge creation by their own understanding, and evaluate life within the confines of their ability to conceive. I KNOW... I used to BE one! They are NOT offended by God worshipers, they are SCARED TO DEATH of someone who can grasp a reality beyond themselves, because it invalidates their own sovereignty. When they are "out of control" of their environment, they are not worthy of their own worship, and that terrifies them.
    Also, when you consider the symbol of mohammedanism, (because real islam DOES worship mohammed), note that the MOON is the primary focus... something that HAS no light, but only REFLECTS light from another source, poorly and with inaccurate paraphrases. So, please DO be offended that 1.3 billion are being lied to.

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