You’d think if the world were on fire, a President would use something more significant than a water pistol and a damp cloth to quench the flames, but President Obama has the philosophy of “turn and let burn.” Turn attention to other things and maybe no one will notice the fire raging and consuming our credibility . Russia has moved militarily into Ukraine, taken of Crimea, laughed at our big threats to close the door to about a dozen government officials, and pretty much double-dog dared us to do anything to stop them. The NSA spying scandal has gotten so bad that Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein has demanded that the government stop spying on members of Congress. I’m glad she recognizes how bad that is, but I wish she would have thought it was bad enough when they were just spying on folks like you and me. The Iranians were caught red-handed trying to haul in missiles to Gaza so they could attack Israel, and when Israel publicly revealed the plot and showed the confiscated weapons, the position of the Obama administration was to lecture Israel about building neighborhoods in Judea and Samaria. Did we condemn Iran and express appreciation to Israel for stopping the shipment of weapons of war? I guess I missed it. And over 230 people are missing for 2 weeks on an airplane that just vanished. Speculation as to what happened to Malaysia flight 370 has gotten so far-fetched that the anchor at one of the other cable news networks speculated that maybe a black hole swallowed it up, even though a black hole would have swallowed up the entire earth—not just one airplane. But the President has issued a terrific response to all these raging fires—he trotted out his NCAA bracket, sent his wife and daughters on a vacation to China that required 70 staffers to go along for the ride, and though paid for with taxpayer dollars, will not allow the press to ask the First Lady questions nor get near her. I guess his theme song will be “Ain’t No Sunshine.” He also dug out some familiar tunes from his greatest hits vault when he flew to Orlando to lament how women weren’t being paid the same as men. He claimed women only make 77 cents on the dollar to what men make and urge government to take more action. Problem is, studies have shown that if you factor out women who leave the workforce to have babies, the wage gap is only a nickel. If the President wants to bring some equality to women in the workforce, he could start in his own White House—where according to 2013 budget figures, women averaged earning $65,000, but men averaged $74,000 a year. And for someone show fancies himself a champion for women, how come the percentage of women in the workforce is at a 16 year low on his watch? That’s right---the champion of women has pushed policies that have left more women behind than in a generation. Yep—the world’s on fire all right, and instead of a fire truck, we seem to be driving an ice cream truck to the scene.

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  • Bess Carter

    12/12/2014 10:40 PM

    I find it strange that the very same people who cry over any form of "torture" or the snail darter fish or any number of things can without thought kill babies every day.

  • william blalock

    12/10/2014 12:00 PM

    She was fired from her first job as an attorney for her dismissing the constitution and other negative views. She is totally self loving and be damned with every one else. Has the Bengazi episode ever been answered?? She is a perpetual liar and has snowed so many people as she tends to lean in the direction of communism . Pray that the majority of American will see thru her lies.

  • Portia Fleming

    05/04/2014 08:41 PM

    Tonight on your show you had Jareem Jabar on your show. Bashing White people and Donald Sterlimg...about the Blacks always being the victim of racisim. I am white from the South and I can tell you that let Jabar walk in a white mans shoes for once and go into a public Government office and face some of these Black people with hatred and bad attitudes towards white people. I Believe that there are more Black racists than whites. After all did the White people elect Obama. and we have no race card to play and we have no affirmative action so we can get all the best government jobs and perks in life. It isn't fair and it needs to stop. Mr. Huckabee you are riding the middle of the fence and I don't like that.

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