Today marks three weeks since the Obamacare exchange website,, went online. Over the weekend, it was taken down for fixes again. The Spanish language version still isn’t online at all, and officials won’t comment on when it might be. The Obama Administration finally released some numbers on how many people managed to navigate it before crashing. They claim about 476,000 health insurance applications have been filed so far. But nearly half of those were filed through state exchanges, not the national one. And they still declined to say how many of those applicants actually signed up for insurance, after seeing the prices. Considering they need 7 million uninsured to sign up in the next six months to keep the program afloat financially, things aren’t looking good.

In fact, National Review Online’s Yuval Levin reports that he’s been speaking off the record to several highly-placed insurance executives and top bureaucrats at the CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Levin says he can best describe the mood of the health care bureaucrats as “a kind of restrained panic.” As for the insurance executive, they’re much less restrained. They are very openly worried. They’re concerned that if the websites don’t start working a lot better very quickly, or if people sign up, see their insurance bills and get sticker shock, then by late fall, the Obama administration might be looking at what they call several “unthinkable options.” Those might include restarting the whole exchange system from scratch, or asking Congress to delay the program a year. House Republicans might not be inclined to go along with that, considering Obama just finished implying they were terrorists who wanted to shut down the government because they thought Obamacare should be delayed a year.

The House is already ticked off that they were repeatedly assured by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius not to worry, the websites were ready to launch. A House investigating committee invited her to come in this week and explain. The Secretary politely declined, claiming she was too busy, although she had space on her agenda to attend a gala in Boston the night before. Let’s hope that whoever planned the gala in Boston is more organized than the creators of the Obamacare exchange, or else she might be waiting three weeks for a crab puff.

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  • William Fitzmaurice

    11/22/2013 03:04 PM

    On October 13 through the marketplace I applied for coverage with Anthem. A month later I had not yet heard from Anthem. The help desk at healthcare. gov told me to call Anthem at 855 720-3502. When I called there they told me to call 855 748 1804. When I called there they told me to call 888 266 3016. When I called there they told me to call
    855 748 1804. When I called there a second time they transferred me to a disconnected number.

    11/12 the live chat at could not help me at all. They supposedly filed a report, as follows:

    The Advanced Resolution Center has received your issue and is currently processing it. You will receive a response within 2 - 5 business days from the date of your initial request. Please call back after this time if you have not received a response. Marketplace call center at 1-800-316-2596.

    11/22 I called 1-800-316-2596. I got this recorded message: The number you have called cannot be reached from your location.

  • Alessandra

    11/15/2013 10:59 PM

    No Lou, it dosn't work like that.Put as simply as pobsisle:In showbusiness (which almost all sport has become), generally speaking, the artist/performer sells himself to the promoter as a "product", for whatever price he can negotiate.The promoter, knowing his market (theoretically - see remark below about the ARC) negotiates the artist's fee acording to the number of seats he thinks he can sell, at whatever price/s, to cover that cost and deliver a profit. And many things can go wrong in that calculation, including people going broke; it can be a devil's bargain......and one that NO PUBLIC BODY like the ARC (or semi-public body like those bailed-out Paraparaumu golf idiots with Tiger Woods) has any business involving public money in.It's private enterprise in every way, beginning with the artist trading on his talent - and there are no guarantees. Now, about the rugby world cup and the America's cup...:)

  • Major Tom

    11/15/2013 10:45 AM

    Go ahead...Israel...this story...please..Major Tom!

  • Danny Woodard

    11/12/2013 12:10 PM

    I read the comments of Amber Altiero. I have found what she said is true. In my case, it goes much deeper than what she has detailed. First I started applying on Oct. 1. After finally getting an agent, over the phone, the process began. We began filling out the application to create the account. We were disconnected after 99% complete. The next application was filled out and lost by a computer error. The third application was filled out on Oct. 6 with the promise I would receive a letter within two weeks. No letter came. On Oct. 21 I talked to a supervisor who would send my status to the Advance Resolution Center. They were to respond with in 48 hours. No response. Called back on Oct. 23, disconnected. Called again, disconnected. Called again, sent to a supervisor. Advance Resolution should call me back by 5:00. No response. Called again on Oct. 25. ARC will call back by 5:00 today. No ARC call back. Called again on Oct. 29th. Talked to a lady who suggested for me to fill out my fourth application, which I did. I was told later this slows down the process. On Nov. 1 I then went to a local Navigator, who is who funded by the Federal Government, $500,000 grant to my state, to help assist. She could not help. She informed me that they had been told one issue was a glitch between the National Health Care computers and the IRS computers. I had not heard this one. She said to give the ARC five more days to respond. No response. On Nov. 10th I received a call from an agent wanting more information on a dependent. They needed SSN and date of birth, which they said was not on application. On Nov. 11th I called again. Sending another memo to ARC. I was asked, again, to wait another five days. I am sure I have left out other calls I have made with no results. I have an account online, but cannot get into it to get insurance. I have discovered in my county, in our state, there is only one company with whom to purchase insurance when you qualify for a subsidy. I have been told by this company my rates will go up between 50% and 100% depending on the plan I choose, without the subsidy. "IF YOU LIKE YOUR PLAN YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PLAN". Mr. President you did not say your cost of your plan will increase.

  • Wanda Redmon

    11/10/2013 02:14 PM

    My question... where does the money for the penalty go? Does it go to the growing deficit?

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