The Mother Jones website claims that the CIA and the National Academy of Sciences are splitting the $630,000 cost of a project to try to control the weather. Actually, the idea is to see if geoengineering could be put into service to counteract climate chance. We’ve heard ideas like this for years, like seeding clouds to create rain, or spraying dust into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight and lower the temperature. As far as we know, the CIA is NOT trying to build a weaponized weather ray gun. Besides, I imagine most Mother Jones readers assumed the CIA already had one of those.

And speaking of scientific breakthroughs, a private company called Moon Express is partnering with the International Lunar Observatory Association to put a private telescope on the moon. The idea is that it would be able to see things out in space without the Earth’s atmosphere interfering. Personally, I’m all in favor of a telescope on the moon. As long as the NSA isn’t allowed to point it at us.

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