Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor temporarily stayed the Obamacare mandate on the Little Sisters of the Poor, forcing them to let third parties provide contraceptives to their employees. It might be just to buy time, but it suggests that even liberal Justices recognize that the government’s actions don’t simply show a disregard for people’s religious faith. This is a total disconnect from reality. The First Amendment makes it pretty clear that Congress can’t pass laws forcing nuns to violate their most sacred beliefs, but it’s not clear to this government. The Founders would be stunned if they ever saw the US Justice Department doing everything possible to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to okay providing contraceptives and abortion drugs. This isn’t a court case. It’s government gone wild. 

Of course, the New York Times editorial board disagrees. I'm sure they know far more about Catholic theology than an order of nuns does. But the Times says the Little Sisters already got their exemption from directly paying for contraceptives, so they should stop their complaining. Why, all they have to do is sign a waiver allowing a third party to provide contraceptives and abortion drugs and sterilizations. That's like saying, "I recognize that you morally object to committing murder yourself, but all I'm asking you to do is sign a contract to hire a hit man." Critics also claim the waiver is just a meaningless piece of paper. But as the Sisters’ attorney pointed out, if it's so meaningless, why is the government threatening nuns with huge fines they can't possibly pay to force them to sign it?

There's a larger principle at stake than whether some people get free birth control pills. This is a question of religious liberty. At what point does the government have a right to tell us, "You can believe -- but only so far, and only so much. You can practice your faith - but only until it comes in conflict with the government." Some of our leaders need to retake 9th grade civics. The First Amendment says Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, not that religions must renounce any beliefs that Congress disapproves of. It prevents government from infringing on our freedom. It doesn't bar us from infringing on the government's authoritarianism.

I'd like to think that the Supreme Court wouldn't rule against the Little Sisters of the Poor, and that even the liberal justices couldn't somehow believe that the government has the power to impose heavy fines against a religious charity with no money, to force them to violate their sacred beliefs. I'd like to think that, but I've been disappointed in this Court repeatedly. On the other hand, maybe they're overdue to get one right.

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  • Tom Green

    01/27/2014 01:32 AM

    There once was a POTUS who had no shame...He threw up all over us and said we're to blame...He trampled on our rights but left the left alone...Transformed an Oval Office chair into a gilded throne...Empowered a man of lawlessness to trample our great laws...Desires dictatorial among his many flaws...If he wins out we all will lose...Our hard fought liberties and our ability to choose

  • Richard Ford

    01/24/2014 01:39 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I am a Republican and been for many years. I am, however, finding it difficult to understand why you and and others in the party find it necessary to continually press the issue on abortion and birth control; By doing so you are simply handing the next election to the far left again. What is wrong with you people. Please don't make it so easy for them again. Please stop destroying the party.

  • Bruce D Wood

    01/07/2014 01:02 AM

    These are hard trying times and I believe our government has lost sense of reality. They are forcing Obama Care down American citizens throats, telling us what is good for us and what we can and cannot do. They have challenged and damaged our 1st,2nd and 4th amendment rights. That are spending tax payer money like it is a bottomless pit. That add taxes and call them fees for this and fees for that, they give tax breaks to party's that don't deserve them, they give aide to countries that will burn our flag and kill our people, and the big one is they are cutting the pay and benefits to our vets, and service men and women that have put their lives on the line and many have paid the ultimate price for them to enjoy the freedoms we have to day. I do not see them trying to make even a simple sacrifice to help our economy, but you see them giving themselves raises and our president taking 17 million dollar vacations to Hawaii and other place with people on our streets, that are homeless and hungry. They have taken God out of everything. Look what is happening in our schools because they won't let God in to look after our children. I say we need a complete house cleaning in Washington and install people that will work for America not against her. God Bless America

  • Mary Glover

    01/06/2014 08:31 PM

    Where's the separation of church and state now? They expect us to do what we're told without any problem? They have another think coming

  • Erika A. Randolph

    01/06/2014 07:47 PM

    Govenor Mike,

    What do we have to do to get this Traitor out of our White House?

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