I have a lot of air travel lined up this week, with flights to California, then to Poland for the historic meeting of the Israeli Knesset at Auschwitz, then back home to America. The flying time will be a bear, but I’m really not looking forward to all that airport security. If only I could skip the security lines, but who gets to do that? Would you believe, members of the Muslim Brotherhood?

A government document released under a Freedom of Information Act request shows that in March and April of 2012, the State Department arranged for Egyptian members of the Muslim Brotherhood to get special treatment known as “port courtesy.” It allowed them to be escorted past security at JFK Airport in New York without having to wait for their bags to be inspected, like all those Girl Scouts and Norwegian grandmothers waiting in the long lines. At the time, the Muslim Brotherhood was still two months away from taking over power in Egypt, but as a diplomatic courtesy, they were allowed to bypass the pain-in-the-neck security we all have to endure because of the actions of groups that are largely off-shoots of the Muslim Brotherhood. When asked about it, the State Department had no comment. I do, but I’d probably better keep it to myself.

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  • Sarah Koren

    01/26/2014 05:43 AM

    If you see my former comment about my entry into the US in 2012, as an American Israeli, maybe this explains it!! What is happening to the US? I,as an American Israeli, born and raise in the US, as were my parents, is held up on entry into the US with an American passport, whereas a woman in a burka, sails through, without any questions! God HELP America!

    Sarah Koren

  • Carol Jean Gillette

    01/25/2014 11:45 AM

    Pastor Huckabee, I am a conservative Democrat, others would call me a liberal, a libtard, whatever because I do not call myself a Conservative. Be that as it may, I loved listening to you years ago, your message was one of love and forgiveness. Now, it has become more and more one of mistrust and establishing hatred and fear. Why? It is possible to give facts, just the facts, and nothing but the facts, without embellishing to serve your own personal political purpose. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, not because our politics are different but because your message has become one of hate and mistrust and setting Americans against each other. Perhaps you are not aware how bit by bit your message has changed. I do this with all respect for you and hope you will take this in the spirit it is offered.
    (AND may I also add the letters I have to type at the bottom of this message to be able to send it, are almost impossible for me to read because I have cataracts. I have tried 3 times...I will continue to try until this message goes thru. Have a truly blessed and excellent day today, Pastor Huckabee.

  • john kemp

    01/25/2014 01:50 AM

    With all those politicians in Washington no one has the back bone to stand up to this administration.Someone better come out of their comfort zone .And prove you are not complicate in these treasonous acts in Washington or more than one will be impeached.

  • judy dendy

    01/24/2014 11:24 PM


  • Kandace Branum

    01/24/2014 10:19 PM

    Why am I NOT surprised. In the last 7 years our country has become the land of double standards. An Indian boy is allowed to wear his turban to school, but my son can not where a hat with his favorite baseball team on it. Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the United States. or so I've heard. grr We need prayer back in our schools along with the pledge of allegiance. Both give our children the sense that they are part of the greater good in our country, and to God. If it offends others they can stay seated and just not participate. like they did when I went to schools a we all knew Y they chose not to participate. and no one cared. after we just return. I don't understand Y the civil rights of my children are taken away, because of some one else's beliefs. what about our beliefs? As I said a double standard. I am Kandace Branum, and I approve this rant.

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