I’m just back from a remarkable trip to Auschwitz, near Krakow, Poland.Monday marked 69 years since the liberation of the Holocaust survivors at Auschwitz. It’s a miracle there were survivors. The brutal and inhumane starvation and deprivation at the hands of the Nazis were among history’s worst crimes against human beings, and that was before factoring in the systematic murder of 1.1 million people at that one Nazi camp alone, 90% of whom were Jews. Over 60 members of the Israeli Knesset went to Auschwitz and Birkenau Monday to convene on the very grounds that was intended to be what Hitler called the “final solution” to the Jews. It’s the Nazis who no longer have a country or even a following outside a few hate groups. Standing there with members of a government that Hitler couldn’t stop, one has to be reminded, God has not abandoned His chosen people. 

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor along with fellow Republican Congressman Darrell Issa and Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney attended the event. When it comes to the horrors of the Holocaust, there is no division among political parties or even religions. One doesn’t have to be Jewish to recognize that the atrocities committed by the Nazis were a crime against all human beings. In fact, almost a hundred thousand non-Jewish Poles were also murdered at Auschwitz. It’s important to remember that while Auschwitz was located in Poland, it was not a Polish death camp. It was a Nazi death camp run by the very army that invaded Poland and murdered thousands of its citizens and ravaged the country. President Obama famously referenced “Polish death camps” in May of 2012 and had to send a letter of apology to the Polish President. Understandably, the people of Poland are sensitive to any attachment of their nation to what happened at Auschwitz. We do tend to forget that the Poles suffered immeasurably at the hands of the Nazis.

As I stood on the very grounds where over a million people were murdered, I was reminded that such evil could never have happened apart from key elements in mass murder and genocide. There has to be a maniacal leader who believes he can manipulate people with lies, distortions, and an appeal to human pride; there has to be target of hate, whether based on religion, ethnicity, or class envy; and there has to be masses of people who are willing to be indifferent to the horrors of others and who refuse to stand up and step in. It’s easy to hate the Nazis for what they did to the Jews and to the Poles and others across Europe. But are we able to recognize that those who stood by silently in the early days of the Nazi death machine may not be guilty of firing the gun, but are guilty of loading the gun…..a lesson we can’t forget

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  • Luther Atkinson

    03/03/2014 10:58 AM

    My wife and I would like to know why Obama is not impeach. Almost everyone complains about his Presidency foolishness but no one has the courage to remove this fool!!!
    We heard that it is because he is black....really, he is half white and half black and his father was of the Arab background in Africa with only one grandparent being true African. The Arab Muslims in Africa had slaves thru the centuries. This man is not American black who many of the race have had to work hard to have a job. This man had it soft on the backs of his white grandparents and others in his education. Obama has no idea how to run a world power nation. He is a Community Organizer who tells the other fools what to do according to their thinking at the time. He is also a puppet for the money men. This is not just our thinking but many other good hard working Americans. Thank you.

  • Michael Martines

    03/02/2014 10:09 PM

    I think most Americans are missing the overall picture and not putting all the pieces together. Step 1: Disarm the people. Step 2: Make the people totally dependent on the government. Step 3: Install a privileged ruling political party. Step 4: Maintain control with an all powerful police force. Communism? Take away your guns? Take away all your freedoms and legislate your life? Creation of an all powerful Democratic Party? Make the IRS responsible to punish anyone that doesn't obey? Is this the United States or the Russian Federation?

  • William Scott

    02/19/2014 01:17 PM

    I just read your account of the Death Camp at Auschwitz. I was just a kid when this was happening in WW2, but I remember the Horror of it! Gov. I here about The things the Obama Administration is doing in this U.S.A thru FEMA to Set Up Camps for Millions of People and possibly set in motion Martial Law to control the Population in the event of what he might call the National Interest ? I have heard that Homeland Security has bought and Stockpiled Serious Military Weapons!
    What do you think about this? Obama has Broken the Law of the Land many times, why hasn't there been a movement to Impeach this Tyrant. Please Do Run For President of this Country in 2016 and put an end to this One Man Dictatorship ! We're Behind You ! Sincerely, William Scott

  • Ella Burns

    02/05/2014 02:47 PM

    I just read your book "A Simple Christmas". I loved it. It shows what is really important in life, God and Family.

    I think you would have made a great president, but God is in control and he had other plans for your life.

    Thank you for your ministry.
    God bless you and your family.
    In his love.
    Ella Burns

  • Deborah Mulholand

    02/03/2014 02:43 PM

    I loved hearing you talk about term limits. The Supreme Court thinks we don't need them and that federal employment law trumps State Constitutions.

    I'm trying to figure out why people think that abortion is the Law of the Land.

    The Supreme Court does not make law. They do not have the power to override the laws in all 50 states.

    In 1973 when Roe v. Wade was decided, abortion was illegal in most of the states.

    So why is everyone "bowing" to the Supreme Court? Roe v. Wade is NOT LAW! It's not a referendum. It's not even a recommendation!

    It is MERELY an OPINION! Roe v. Wade is NOT the Law of the Land!

    How could 5 or 7 Hot Shot attorneys think they could force the states to even roll over and play dead to their opinions?

    The states need to nullify Roe v. Wade and Obamacare in their State Constitutions. Then all 50 states need to put Term Limits in their State Constitutions.

    Then the Secretaries of State in all 50 states need to prevent people who have overstayed their 8 years in Washington from even getting on the ballot, no matter what the Supreme Court says!

    C'mon, states! Fight Back! Let's Take Our Country Back!

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