This past weekend, I interviewed Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss. Unlike a lot of Hollywood celebrities, he’s noticed that the federal government has been infringing on the rights of individuals, states and local governments. He’s not only concerned about the erosion of our Constitutional rights, he’s doing something about it. Dreyfuss has launched a new project to try to teach Americans, particularly the young, just how precious and unique in human history our Constitution is, and how powerful are the rights it guarantees us, if we insist that they be respected. Too few Americans know about their rights, and far too many people are taking advantage of that ignorance. You can learn more about his efforts online, at

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  • Ty Gentry

    09/01/2014 01:04 AM

    Gee, "What Would Anerica Do Without Her". Seems pretty straight forward to me, Governor. Perhaps in all of that time Mr. Dryfus spent at San Fernando College and CSUN, he never learned anything about what America has done for the world and mankind. Had he been more focused on the facts of history, rather than what the revisionist historians, Howard Zinn and the like, had to say, Mr. Dryfus would have understood "What Would We Do a Without Her" as a rhetorical question. Instead, he came of as an arrogant fool.

  • John Horgan

    07/27/2014 09:44 AM

    Dreyfuss proved just how arrogant he is. The folded arms and him say that the America movie did not answer any questions. He is obviously ignorant. The Movie asks "Imagine if America did not exist". It is for you to ask yourself for the answer, not a defined answer.

  • Janet Kendrick

    07/27/2014 12:18 AM

    Re: Richard Dryfus. Thanks for your efforts to promote and increase awareness of American and World history. Also a comment on your assessment that D'Souza's book doesn't answer the question of the world without her. The title is "America, Imagine a World without her." It is a direction from the author rather than a question by the author. D'Souza gave me the information and I took that information and imagined what my life would be like without all the things guaranteed by the Constitution and without America's influence in the world at large. My conclusion is that I am better off because of American than if the principles of our founding father never existed. Thank you

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