Nov 27 2012

Americans didn’t just spend Thanksgiving weekend eating leftovers and fighting over discount flat screens. They also went to the movies in record numbers. reports that from Wednesday to Sunday, the total box office take reached $290 million, smashing the Thanksgiving weekend record set in 2009. The new “Twilight” movie was #1, followed by James Bond, and in third place with over $34 million, Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln.” My recommendation---the Life of Pi….and see it in 3D. Truly remarkable film.

I’m especially glad that “Lincoln” is a hit because it’s both a terrific film and a valuable lesson about the incredible behind-the-scenes maneuvering that it took to get Congress to outlaw slavery. Too often, we condemn historical figures for not doing what we think they should have on issues that seem clear-cut to us. We don’t know the agonizing compromises they were forced to make in their time, just to move the ball a little closer to the goal line. “Lincoln” makes it abundantly clear that the best of intentions weren’t enough. It also took an iron will and a lot of arm-twisting and palm-greasing. Plus, I appreciated that it may be the first big-budget Hollywood film in 50 years where the hero is a Republican. Although I’d bet there were studio meetings about whether it would be possible to make Lincoln a Democrat.

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  • Terry Klima

    12/06/2012 08:51 AM

    My sense is that citizens need to actually study more history and rely less on movies. We are all thankful that the evil practice of slavery ended following the war but to suggest that the war was fought over slavery is ludicrous.

    Lincoln was by no means a Republican in the modern sense and certainly not a Conservative.

    He favored a large centralized government superior to the States, and viewed the Constitution as a document that could be ignored when politically expedient.

    In fact, Lincoln can be credited with leading us on the path to the "redistribution of wealth" with the creation of the Internal Revenue and income tax in 1862.

  • Mike McGrath

    12/02/2012 11:32 PM

    Yes, Lincoln was a Republican. However, the Republican Party back in the 1800s is nowhere near the same as it is today, and the values they held are parallel to the values of the Democratic Party today. Unfair point by Huckabee and he only included it to misguide people. Otherwise good review.

  • Los Angeles, Mike

    11/30/2012 07:13 PM

    AM- think on same page, but other side from time to time; that's good. Just so the page does not get torn up in the process of resolution.

  • Los Angeles, Mike

    11/30/2012 06:46 PM

    Re: Goldstein and Morris

    11/28/2012 Goldstein 7am and
    Morris 9am

    DL- liked your positive comments and your final thought about the film. You say: "It reaffirms what many thinking Americans have suspected, politics lacks the nobility it was intended to have by the founding fathers. God help us!!!" Very Nice review.

    Andrew-liked part of your post. I liked DL's better for the positive but sober approach throughout. Your post was informative and thoughtful;I agree with you that Mike could have just ended his blog with the second to last sentence:

    "Plus, I appreciated that it may be the first big-budget Hollywood film in 50 years where the hero is a Republican."

    We are only human. Mike does that from time to time. But he does not do it regularly.
    Even you Andrew do it in your post. In fact you add a good point with a few extra comments from time-to-time in your own response that offset your good points.

    Finally, I just disagree with you regarding Reagan being like Obama. You forget to mention the Chicago Stephen Douglas politician of that era who was more like the east coast folks like himself (Vermont native)who exist today in politics: Mitt Romney, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and President Obama.
    I prefer to see folks like Reagan,Perry,GW,Martinez, Huckabee who have had to struggle for years against the status quo to come up more Lincoln-like.

    Good review. Thought provoking.

  • Heather Byron

    11/29/2012 05:55 PM

    I was disappointed in "Lincoln." I did not like that he said " God damn" and treated his wife badly. I also think the movie tried to make a negative statement about conservative Republicans. The movie is based on a book by Doris Kern Goodwin - a big lib.

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