President Obama says there is no surveillance program aimed at Americans, and no scandal about the NSA’s doings. Maybe he should tell that to the NSA…The Washington Post has obtained an internal audit conducted by the National Security Administration itself. It reveals that ever since Congress expanded the agency’s powers in 2008, it’s broken its own privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority nearly 3,000 times a year. Most of the cases are blamed on glitches or mistakes. Like mistaking the D.C. area code of 202 for 20, the calling code for Egypt, and mistakenly intercepting a large number of Washington area phone calls. Or collecting domestic emails for months before even informing the secret FISA court, which rules it unconstitutional. But don’t worry. An anonymous NSA spokesman said it’s no big deal. A few thousand illegal intrusions are nothing when you consider the millions of legal interceptions the NSA conducts. I’ll let you decide if that’s actually reassuring.

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  • Don Jones

    08/27/2013 12:47 PM

    I have listened to several shows, including many FOX stations, where they speak of Obama as an African American and a black person, IN FACT, he is not, he is "bi-racial". Are the white liberals not interested in recognizing him?? Can you pass this information on so reporters will get it correct.
    Thanks and I really appreciate your candid opinions.

  • Hugh Lindsey

    08/26/2013 12:18 AM

    Ilistened to your show tonite and you made so much sence. Now I am 70 years old and I have watched this country move in the direction we are headed faster and faster where the goverment is expected to do it all and we are not responible any thing except paying taxes How do we change it when people are so fooled about everything.

  • Rebecca Buttelo

    08/25/2013 10:23 PM

    I believe there are scandals such as this one, and it is of great concern; that although leaves me livid at the thought of the NSA just randomnly listening to my phone conversations or reading my emails or watching what I say on FB and blatantly violating my constitutional rights, might also contain a more sinister agenda. I believe it is a possiblility and maybe more probable, that the NSA is really attempting to locate information on every gun owner so when Martial Law is implemented, it will be easier to determine which house to do a forced home inspection on. They claim that they are no listening in which is a lie, and that if they do, it is in the best interest of our country's security? I don't believe them for one minute! This is just one more step to disintegrating our inalienable rights and god given freedoms!

  • Eva scott

    08/23/2013 06:59 AM

    For one there isn't a secrets in America anymore anyway since there is internet anyone in the world has easy ways of getting any information from the internet.I look at it this way my life is my life and i don't want anyone playing peeping tom in my place that i pay money to live here it is no ones business just like its none of Obama's wife's business of what i feed to my kids or give them to drink i heard she is going to fix it to where our children cant buy sodas in the stores anymore she is way out of line with trying to have her power high because these children i have here are mine and how i raise my children is my business.she needs to step back and keep her mouth shut her and Obama both.just cause i live in America does not mean Obama is my president all he is doing is making the world worse plus he is a liar he is not the president type. another thing that makes me angry is my family barely makes it on the income alone from week to week and he wants to force us to have Obama care isn't the taxes we pay to much already and if we don't get the Obama care they will take 700.00 out of our taxes.I'm very angry this world may have rich people in it but it sure has alot of poor people to, i hardly ever go to the doctor at all here is a ideal why don't the doctors quit charging us people so much money to get seen.they are over paid and alo't of doctors miss diagnose a person to i have had that happen so many times but yet Im paying for something tha'ts not even wrong with me.and i have stated before the reason we have school shootings is cause they took god out of schools then i seen you said the same thing but yet people will always make a excuse when it comes to god because they are blind this world is sick and America isn't America anymore its all about who has power and who has money and the goverment all they want is control and a person like me is never heard and its supposed to be for the people by the people if tha'ts the case then if it was up to me we need better goverment if they cant run this country better than what they are doing and put some false person into our white house.another example Clinton lied to everyone on T.V. two different times but yet people look at him as if he is so great i don't get it.yes a person can be forgiven but why have trash like that trying to run a country.i want America back the way it used to be when it had meaning.don't want a president who is lies and deceits then tries to score brownie points by doing something cute on T.V..God is our creator the world is full of sins and people who are blind to make a wrong to be right in their eyes so they wont have the guilt over their heads and can feel better about what they are doing.thank you for your time

  • Dennis Tew

    08/21/2013 10:20 AM

    Please tell me you ARE going to run again...

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