Absolute Miracle

Jul 18 2013

Six-year-old Nathan Woessner of La Porte County, Indiana, is being called a modern-day Lazarus. Last Friday, Nathan was playing on a sand dune along Lake Michigan with his dad and a friend when he suddenly disappeared – swallowed up and buried under 11 feet of sand. By the time rescuers pulled him out, over three hours later, he was cold, he had no pulse, and he wasn’t breathing. His body was loaded into a truck. But as it bounced over the dunes, a medic was stunned to see Nathan start to breathe, and a cut on his head begin to bleed. Apparently, the dunes that had nearly killed him had jolted his body back to life. Doctors were stunned at how little injury he’d suffered, and say he could be back to normal in six months. The county coroner is especially happy. He doesn’t often get to report that a patient survived. His medical explanation for Nathan coming back to life? He has none. He said it’s an “absolute miracle.”

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  • Sandra Pett

    07/21/2013 08:47 PM

    Mr, Huckabee. I live in Azusa CA. My husband and I are busy packing up 43 yrs. of stuff and moving into our 5th wheel. We have to be out of our home after the first of the year. The cost of living is horrible. We are 70 yrs. old. We worked very hard at our jobs and raised 2 children. We were active in our city and church and our childrens schools. We just can't afford $1600. a month anymore. Our prescriptions take up a lot of money plus our medicare. Our church gives us our groceries. We don't ask our children for help because they have their problems too. Where will we go? Well my grandaughter says "you could live at Wal Mart". We will go from campground to campground. It's just great
    getting older. But God has a plan for everyone. We are leaning on Him. Thank you for letting me say something. Sandra Pett

  • Dr. Glenn G. Tucker

    07/21/2013 08:28 PM

    Why don't any commentators check into why Travon Martin was kicked out of the Miami schools and had to go to Sanford. Drugs, fighting, etc. How about the stolen jewelry in his possession. Travon was no angel but a tough city kid.

  • Carol Egelseer

    07/21/2013 04:36 PM

    Miracles still happen - thank and praise God!

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