As Russia sent troops into Crimea over the weekend, President Obama warned Russian President Putin that there will be costs. But if Putin shivered, it was probably just because he was going shirtless… Vladimir Putin is making it clear that Obama’s threats won’t deter him at all from cracking down in Ukraine. And why should they? This is an administration that issues warnings but never does anything about them. The red line in Syria, we’re gonna get control of Benghazi, we will not tolerate Iran building nukes. It all means nothing. And Putin knows it. When Obama threatens to “push the button,” it means that silly giant prop button that illustrated how we were going to “reset” our Russian policy to be nicer. You don’t disarm aggressors by smiling at them, especially when you’re toothless. I’m not saying we should intervene militarily, but making empty threats just diminishes our power and standing in the world even further. It’s like the parent who keeps warning, “Don’t make me come up there!,” when the kid knows they’ve never come up there, and they never will.

We’re supposedly the super power, yet Russia is acting like the super power because they know nobody’s going to stop them. Obama already ceded leadership to Putin when he backed down from his “red line” threat in Syria and let Putin swoop in and take control. He did it again when he stood idly by as Egyptians overthrew Mohammed Morsi, convincing Egypt that America was an unreliable ally so they cut an oil deal with Russia.

To be fair, it’s easy to criticize, but harder to suggest what Obama SHOULD do. The problem is that there’s very little he can do, because he’s spent five years creating this situation. It’s one of the great ironies of all time, but one most leaders have understood for millennia: to preserve peace, you must prepare for war. Your potential enemies have to know that you’ll respond to any challenges with an iron fist, not a limp wrist. Instead, all around the world, we’ve abdicated our role as a world leader, made threats we haven’t backed up, allowed chaos to reign without consequence, refused to take sides when citizens risked their lives to stand up to tyrants, and now, we’re issuing vague threats to Russia in the same week that Chuck Hagel is announcing to the whole world that we’re slashing our troops back to pre-World War II levels. It’s no surprise that Putin isn’t intimated by Obama’s threats. The only surprise is why he still bothers to pretend to listen when his agenda is so packed with planning the next invasion.

By the way, from the same administration that gave us such creative new euphemisms as “man-caused disaster” for “terrorist attack” and “kinetic military action” for “war,” comes this great new one. Russian troops aren’t “invading” Ukraine. They’re staging an “uncontested arrival.” It’s sad that comedian George Carlin has died, but at least someone at the State Department is carrying on his life’s work.

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    03/21/2014 01:24 PM

    Last comment I ment to say WWII not WWI


    03/21/2014 01:09 PM


    News media and U.S. are now bored with events in the Ukraine. They are now bored and you'll see events moving in that region without major coverage from U.S. News groups. Unless Putin takes more land, or some major conflict happens this is it for coverage. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means that Putin can move in the background and set-up his next moves without anyone knowing what is going on. It means that when he acts later in Europe, South America, and the other parts of the world we will once again be surprised and confused as to why. It means Putin as won.
    You see once our military is cut down enough, we will no longer be able to stop him militarily and economically unprepared to slow him down. There is no will to confront evil, there are no more bold leaders (Military or Civilian) who believe in good verses evil (everything is grey and up to interpretation). Putin knows this and is playing for time. How come this all looks like what lead to WWI?

  • John Robertson

    03/19/2014 10:14 PM

    In light of Putin's views on what territory belonged to Russia. does Putin have his eyes on Alaska? If so, we had better keep our eyes open on our backdoor!


    03/18/2014 01:47 PM


    Russians have no love for the Polish People. The same could be said of the Baltic Countries. This is in contrast to the psychological need for the Ukraine. In general this is true so if they don't control those countries its not that important (except as a buffer against invasion).

    BUT.., if the Russian people in those areas are viewed as being harmed by their current governments, this could cause Russia to reconsider exerting control or other methods to ensure the safety of their peoples. This is not to say that Putin wants a new Soviet Union with its original properties. Without a "buffer" against others invading Russia proper, Putin & Russia will not be comfortable and act reasonable. In their eyes the West is provoking them by putting anything into their previous safety buffers. Since the wall has fallen, the West has forgotten how paranoid Russia has gotten because of WWII (they got all of the perverse and nasty treatment by the Nazis who wanted them tortured and dead) and have treated them as losers and incompetent (They're the only country who could successfully put a bath tub in space and make it work). We must remember that Russians are very smart people with long memories which are hard to change. We must be very deliberate and careful when charting any moves for the future.


    03/18/2014 01:22 PM


    Vladimir Putin is viewed as an aggressive super-macho mad man by many people in the West. This is hyperbole, and shows we in general are not interested in understanding who he is or why things are happening the way they are.
    1. Russia has never forgot what happened in WWII to them at the hands of the Nazis.
    2. Russian history is based on Northern Slaves (Russia Proper), Western Slaves (Belorussia) and Southern Slaves (Ukraine). All their history and mythology is based on these three major areas (they have a sub-conscience need to be joined)
    3. Russians admire strong people (Even if they act in horrible ways) and need strong rulers.
    4. The Soviets never wanted to end the Soviet Period. They wanted reforms not change, perestoika got out of control and led to the break-up of the Soviet Union (not intended or wanted).

    Putin is everything a Russian person would admire, tough, strong and gets what he wants. What he says he does. It would be very hard to find a Russian that wouldn't have some form of respect. Putin & Russia has no respect for fools or weak people (never did). We in the West have no understanding of the lack or respect the Russian have perceived after the fall of the wall. Putin is bringing respect back to the Russian!!!

    Since Putin & Russian sees the U.S. as weak fools, from now on he will not listen to what we say. He sees the EU as under the spell of the U.S. and will barely listen to them. He sees himself as the only one who will honestly protect the Russian-Speaking peoples of the world and will react/protect them even
    against Western protests. We need to understand that we have lost our influence with the Russians and Putin and that we will have to use more physical means to convince him to listen to us again (something that won't happen due to current thinking in Washington).

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