I found a new way this week to make liberals really, really mad at me. Just repeat what liberals are saying. They hate it when conservatives agree with them. The New York Times started it by publishing a photo of the President meeting with what the White House described as his key economic advisors during the fiscal cliff negotiations. They noted that everyone in the room was of the male gender. The White House press Corps peppered spokesman Jay Carney about all the men he’s appointing to major slots and Carney dug his own hole and jumped in it by saying that the President is just looking for the best people, which caused some of the women supporters of the President to ask if he was saying that there weren’t any qualified women available? Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel then got even more blunt. When CNN covered the nomination of Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary, it ran a banner that said “another white man added to second term cabinet.” And even NOW—the National Organization for Women, sent an email that proved the old adage, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Now, I’m just repeating that, too---I didn’t originate it. On my radio show this week, I simply stated the obvious as already affirmed by the not so conservative NY Times, Charles Rangel, NOW, and others---that the President’s cabinet and inner circle seem loaded with testosterone and running a little low on estrogen. But for the women who thought that the President had promised women a more prominent role in his administration, I would remind you to review the speeches at the Democratic National Convention. The cry from the podium was not so much for positions of authority, but for free birth control pills and abortions any time, any place, for any reason, and at no cost. The image of women at the Democrat’s convention was that women were utterly helpless unless the government stepped in and provided birth control and abortions, and that perception was furthered by the absurd political ad of the Obama campaign about a woman named Julia who from cradle to grave depended on good ol’ Uncle Sugar for everything from education, a job, health care, food, housing, and retirement.

The women in my family and the women I know and work with are as good as any of the men I know and work with. I have never thought of them being helpless and unable to function without someone from the government or some man shepherding them through life. Silly me. It just never occurred to me that I needed to see women as helpless. I guess that’s why the liberals went “stark-raving Linda Blair with her head turning circles and spitting pea soup” enraged at me. I’m not the one you ought to be mad at. I was just saying what some of your heroes said. If women aren’t getting much more than birth control pills and abortions from this administration, then it’s sure not my fault. I don’t support taking the life of babies anyway. And I’m okay if you want contraceptives, but since you want me out of your bedroom, I just don’t know why I have to pay for what happens in there.

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    02/07/2013 03:19 PM

    some persons are better at detecting liars than others, for whatever reason. i've always felt i had a gift for this virtue.that being said, i felt OBAMA was a liar from the first time he came to my attention! on wednesdays i play drop-in hockey with some guys...on the way home i heard a speech ( fox radio) from RONALD REAGAN about socialism and socialized medicine ...it was moving and so prophetic i wish every AMERICAN would listen to it ....with a clear mind ! really hits the rubber on the road to where AMERICA is heading !

  • Esley L. Loftis, Jr

    01/20/2013 09:28 PM

    Where is the article by
    Mr Larry Carreia on weapons
    and firearms ? I heard him
    on your 1/20/2013 show. I also liked Mr Gringrich's
    comments about Chicago . they also need to clean up
    the gangs in Chicago

  • George Gaines

    01/16/2013 08:32 PM

    Personally this is how I saw the pres......he makes promises to all groups but all he wants is enough of the group to buy his lies. (Gays, Hispanics, women, college students and it just goes on and on. I wonder how many wished they didn't vote for him at this point.) Hurricane Sandy victims was another example of the pres at his best.....he promised them every thing and cut the red tape.....now that he has been elected......forget those folks but I can blame the Republicans for holding the money up. This inept leader is really....ok I'll keep it clean.....a person of blame and shame but he will never be in front, where he should be.......I'm sorry he is at the head of the line when it is time to take credit for something

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