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Apr 06 2014

Last week, we told you about the disturbing story of Justina Pelletier, the 15 year old girl from Connecticut who was taken from her family by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Family Services after a resident at Boston Children’s General Hospital determined that her diagnosis from a specialist at Tuft’s Children’s was incorrect, even though he was not the doctor to whom Tuft’s even referred Justina. 14 months later, Justina was still in the custody of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts and the family and their attorneys were unable to get basic answers as to why. Well after Justina’s father Lou and their attorney, Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel appeared on our show last week, your incredible response to their plight must have gotten someone’s attention. The website set up to assist the Pelletier family “” crashed because of the traffic it received, and this week, after 14 months of stonewalling, the state of Massachusetts responded. And they clearly aren’t too happy with me for calling them out. A spokesperson from the MA Department of Children and Families specifically asked me to correct 3 things: that the state kidnapped the girl 2.) that no evidence has ever been presented to support abuse or neglect 3.) that the state never conducted an investigation or spoke with the family….

I’d love to correct it, but I think when a government takes a child from a family for 14 months and fails to provide just reasons for doing so and limits and restricts parents from seeing their own child, it is state sponsored kidnapping; while the state of Massachusetts is now claiming the odd contradiction that while it believes the Pelletier family to be unfit to care for their daughter, they also stated that they believe it best for Justina to return to Connecticut where she will have the support of her family. Massachusetts claims that it did conduct an investigation, but the Pelletiers assert that they were never interviewed nor was an in home visit made to determine their family environment. There were other statements made that attempted to link threats against DCF workers to those supporting Justina. If there were any threats, that is deplorable and regrettable, but it doesn’t justify the experience Justina has experienced.

While I confess I’m only familiar with the Pelletier family through the limited contact I’ve had with them on this show and reading the court documents of their case, I’ve known their attorney Mat Staver for a number of years and have complete confidence in his integrity and competence. When he tells me that he has never seen anything like her case in his legal career, I take that as valid more than statements finally disbursed by the state of Massachusetts after 14 months of Justina having been kept from her parents or her original doctors at Tufts’s. I’m sure this case is far from over, even if Justina is returned to Connecticut and to her family. But one glaring truth remains—in America, parental rights should be protected unless there is incontrovertible facts to believe that a child is in imminent danger. The burden of proof lies with the state to prove that the child should be taken from her family and put under the care of the state. If our bringing light to this case helps Justina get the medical help she needs and deserves and she is reunited with her family, then I apologize for nothing. I hope the state of Massachusetts will apologize to Justina and her family. Parents have enough on their hands without having to fight the bureaucracy of a state to take care of their own child.

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  • Marcia Southwick

    06/29/2014 12:59 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee: Kidnapping cases like Justina's are occurring to elders as well. To read 250 cases that reveal why, please visit, and go to the notes section to "victims' stories". Thank you for helping Justina!

  • Timothy E Wade

    05/20/2014 04:44 PM

    Thank you for helping this girl. It was upsetting to here the unjust that went on for 14 months. I am afraid that is what happens in a society that ignores the foundation of our country which is God!!

  • Sheila Smokler

    05/09/2014 06:21 PM

    J.P. has been used and is still being used as a guinea pig, The resident that said the tean was his case should practice on his own blood, not JP and JP should be allowed to go home where she is loved. Harvard Teaching Hospitals are really not that good. How can any doctor be so heartless. The State of MA doesn't own her, her parents do. I had two different occasion, two different people at Tufts who tried to use two different people as guinea pigs, I pulled one out, changed the hospital & doctor and took the other home. They get better quicker in their own home and that goes without speaking.

  • Sheila Marshall

    05/04/2014 02:40 PM

    Governor Huckabee!

    Excellent letter! Thank you for enlightening the nation of this unbelievable immoral transgression against Justina and her family. She has become an object in a tug of war dispute. Justina as become everyone's child and everyone's sister and by going national we hope that will free Justina from the clutches of her captors before her condition becomes irreversible. Thank you so much. God Bless You!

  • A. Christopher Laferriere

    04/29/2014 04:56 PM

    My wife and I are appalled at the way Massachusetts is treating the Pelletier family. Justina belongs home - now.

    What is Connecticut doing to help one of their families? The judge in the case doesn't seem to be much help. He appears to have chosen expediency over justice and common sense by supporting the social service bureaucracy. Boston Children's didn't help - they let their Harvard crimson show through. Something meaningful needs to be done.

    My wife and I will do what we can by calling and writing the various parties. But, Governor, can you enlist your fellow commentators at Fox to help? A more strident and unified voice is needed to bring Justina back to her family and her state.

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