Vive Le Difference

Aug 27 2013

There’s a lot of talk about why boys are falling behind girls in schools.  But some people think it’s not the boys failing in school, that’s that schools are failing boys.  The curriculum and school rules have become so feminized and PC that if boys act like boys, if they get a little rambunctious at recess or point their fingers at each other and say, “Bang-bang,” they get suspended or pumped full of Ritalin.  One of the more ridiculous anecdotes involved a school that didn’t allow playing tug of war at recess anymore.  It was now called “Tug of peace.”  I guess that’s where you just let go of the rope and fall over backwards.  Comedian Ron White said it best---“you can’t fix stupid.”

It’s ironic that at the last time schools are punishing boys for being boys, we have stories like the new law in California to protect transgender students.  It allows boys to declare themselves to be girls, and girls to be boys, if they just want to be.  But if that’s worthy of protection, then what aren’t the same protections extended to boys who want to be boys, and girls who want to be girls?  People have foolishly mistaken equality for sameness.  Equality of the genders means that both have equal value and worth, and one is not better than the other.  But it doesn’t mean we’re all exactly the same.  And many of us who still believe in gender separation say, “Vive la difference!” 

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    09/04/2013 07:32 PM

    as i have said before ... read the book ...A STEALTH MICHAEL L. if this doesn't shake you up , then you deserve what you get, after the country goes where it is going to !

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