GOP Far From Done

Feb 03 2014

Pundits who were writing obituaries for the Republican Party just a few years might have been a little premature. They had all sorts of reasons why America was permanently drifting leftward: demographics, immigration, you name it. But they neglected to factor in the results of actually having liberals in charge of the White House and Congress for a couple of years. The public is still reeling from the skyrocketing debt, stagnant job growth, a chaotic foreign policy and of course, Obamacare. It all seems to be sparking a mass exodus from the Donkey Party.

According to Gallup, in 2008, Democrats held a 30-state lead in party affiliation over the Republicans. As of last year, their lead had fallen to just three states. Gallup also found a rise among self-identified Independents to the highest level in 25 years. Since liberals are probably satisfied with the Democrats, most analysts assume these new Independents are either disaffected blue collar Democrats or Tea Party conservatives, both of whom felt abandoned by their former parties. But when it comes down to it, they’re both more likely to vote conservative. There are still more registered Democrats than Republicans, by about 6 points. But if the trend of the past few years continues, and that swelling Independent vote leans to the right, the slim Democratic advantage could be wiped out on Election Day like a beach chair hit by a tidal wave. And all the pundits who predicted a permanent Democratic majority may be forced to admit that the pendulum always swings back. And if you don’t remember that, it can hit you in the nose.

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  • Gloria Ludwick

    03/09/2014 07:37 PM

    May I make a suggestion as to one way to counter any negative ads that the GOP is the party of “no?” As a believer reading scripture it tells of how precise and orderly our God is from beginning to end. The GOP should stand for the “Grand Orderly Party” with a plan that is written in order and purpose to uphold those who fall, heal the sick, and keep faith with God who allowed the creation of one nation under God. Then we can return to be once again a great nation. –Isaiah 61:1

  • Ivy Anderson

    03/03/2014 02:56 PM

    I am a senior born and raised in England prior to WW2. My Country allowed their military to be cut to the bone, just as Obama is doing now, so when we were called to go to war with Hitler we were badly unprepared. On top of everything we had a replica of Obama in Neville, Chamberlain. If we hadn't had allies like the USA we would have been obliterated. Seems like history is repeating itself with the USA taking the part of England; but who is going to be the USA?

  • Sheldon Feinberg MD

    03/02/2014 10:35 AM

    Share your concerns; I fear for our dear country's present path.

    Please run once more for the presidency.

    Sheldon Feinberg MD

  • William L. Cooper

    02/27/2014 12:31 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee while I agree that the vast majority of American voters are alarmed at the direction the liberal progressive democrats have taken the country and would vote for a conservative alternative. I don’t agree that the GOP is that alternative.
    As I see it conservatism died within the Republican Party in the late 50s early 60s. Freedom through self reliance is the bedrock foundation of conservatism. If a man can not earn his living in the so called free market workforce and must rely on government assistance such as welfare, he is not a free man and can not respect himself or have the respect of others. From the late 50 until today the Republican has steadfastly been opposed to any rise in wages. As a result we now have 1/3 of our workforce enslaved by the welfare system. The great conservative hero Ronald Reagan did everything possible to beat wages down while promoting Fords socialistic “spread the wealth scam” the earned income tax credit. He even went so far as to call it the best welfare program ever devised by the mind of man. Anyone calling himself conservative should understand that a job is the best welfare program ever devised by the mind of man. All GOP hopefuls worry about killing jobs with wages to high. Yet they proudly proclaim “small business’ as the backbone of the free market system in American and the American worker as the hardest worker on earth. Something wrong within the GOP, and you sir would do well to draw attention to it. America needs a true Christen Conservative willing to speak the truth for once. WE don’t have a worker problem in America, we have a jobs problem and it needs to be addressed before it’s too late. The GOP talks about creating GOOD jobs? Does this mean that they are willing to tolerate millions of bad jobs that will forever enslave millions of our fellow Americans to government handout. Every full time job in America needs to be a good job. A job that provides the worker able and willing to do the job required on a full time basis a living wages. A wage where no government assistance is required. The FLSA of 1938 needs to be reformed to reflect today’s reality. There should be a student wage, a part time or second job holder wage and a living wage designed for full time head of household. The overtime rule needs to be revised in order to allow low income worker an opportunity to get ahead. Today’s overtime rule acts as an effective ceiling on low income wages. Making overtime voluntary would also help small business.
    If the backbone of our economy is truly so stressed that they can not pay their workers, maybe government could help by lowering their tax rates or tax deductions/ credits to better reflect the cost of their labor force.

    Thank You
    The Old RINO

  • Terry

    02/22/2014 08:57 PM

    Honorable Governor.
    I'm curious why we still refer to ourselves as black or white in this country. I am a life long medical professional and I've served our republic in combat in two non conjoined decades on two different continents. It's the same there as here. None of us is black or white. We are all shades of brown. Some lighter some darker. Regardless we are one race. The human race. Our differences result from self love rather than the love commanded us by our Creator. This battle will never be won if it's never fought and it will never be effectively fought unless we call it what it really is. What say you? And Note to David Webb: Brother... YOU KNOW THIS!

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