Whitey Bulger

Aug 15 2013

Today, a mobster questions the government’s morality… Whitey Bulger, the leader of Boston’s Irish mob, was found guilty of 11 murders and dozens of other crimes, stretching back to the 1970s. The jurors said the evidence was overwhelming, although juror Scott Hotyckey told CBS that some of the state’s witnesses weren’t exactly believable. But what’s really hard to believe is that a juror who convicted Whitey Bulger isn’t afraid to reveal his real name. In fact, Bulger’s attorney praised the jury that just set his 83-year-old client up for life in prison. Why? Because Bulger knew he wasn’t getting off, but he wanted to take the FBI down with him. Many of those murders were committed when he was an FBI informant, and his attorneys claimed the agency turned a blind eye to his crimes, while several of their agents accepted payoffs from him. You know times have changed when jurors aren’t afraid to convict Whitey Bulger. The only hit he seems interested in anymore is on the FBI’s reputation, and he’s put the agency on trial in the court of public opinion

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