The federal government is giving new meaning to the term “Penny wise and pound foolish”… When President Obama canceled White House tours because of the sequestration, it seemed like the kind of cut designed to be as inconvenient as possible, and sour Americans on spending cuts.  But to be fair, canceling the tours did save money.  So it’s reasonable to ask, “How much?”  ABC News calculates that 30 guides at $30 an hour for 20 hours a week costs $18,000 a week.  Admittedly, that IS a lot of money…anywhere other than Washington. There, a single golf weekend with Tiger Woods could’ve covered the tour costs for a year and three weeks.  Air Force One costs over $180,000 an hour to fly.  How many hours did Obama spend flying around the country to warn us about the sacrifices these spending cuts would impose?  Just one hour less on Air Force One would’ve paid the tour guides’ salaries for 10 weeks.  Instead of canceling tours of the White House, maybe our leaders should sit down and take a guided tour of their own budgets.

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  • Doris Channel

    04/10/2013 03:22 PM

    Common sense, common courtesy and logic have all left the White House, the House and the Senate!
    Will they return before total devastation to our country occurs? It isn't looking hopeful from where I sit. Which is on Social Security, and Medicare with no other options, and certainly NO monies for VACATIONS to tour the White House, or even a car wash!!

  • Caroline Williams

    03/25/2013 05:45 PM

    I understand that every President has had a a mulitude of vacations, however I feel Like President Obama and his family have really enjoyed being the first family and having all the power and control over everthing the office controls. While other families around the America are trying to live within their limited budgets and hope they will have the money for a vacation I feel that it is very wrong of the President and his family to flaunt their vacations and spending habits.
    They need to remember that he was elected by and for the people to represent the people not his family and his self and his friends.
    I did not vote for Him but as our President I would give him the respect due him while he is in office. I just wish he would return the favor and give lower to middle class Republicans the same respect.
    He needs to remember that a lot of us are retired and even though we recieve Railroad Retirement we are not rich with Medicare it is very hard to find Doctor who will accept you as a paitent I have seen the amount that Medicare pays and I can not blame a Dr. thankfully we have a secondary insurance to pick up the rest. Even with this payment a Dr. would not be in business long with these payments.
    I know there is nothing you can do about the subjects I have covered but this is some of my concern I could write forever but I will not bore you with all of my thoughts.
    We pray for our nation that people will wake up and realize that same sex marriages and abortions are wrong our country will be judged by God it is time for an old fashion revival.

  • Debbie Shafer

    03/23/2013 06:23 PM

    Its pretty sad, we have a President who wants to punish the people for making him balance the budget and be responsible, yet spends so much money on travel and golf, and sending taxpayer money to terrorist countries when we need it here in the US. This is pretty vindictive.


    03/19/2013 07:26 PM

    FIRST let me say i totally agree with FRED THOMAS comment.ENTITLEMENT ? ... your darn right i'm entitled to it! i like FRED had been puting into the system since the age of 14 and i was not given a choice as to whether i wanted to or not! because the feds got their paws on the money and wasted it it there account was MY ACCOUNT the guy in the commercial says..."it's my money and i want it now " !! there was a email going around some time past giving a sort of chart of how much money a person would have if their contributions were not touched, but invested under just safe bank saving type rates and compounded we could get about triple what we receive now and still have money left to give to our families or whoever.SO ANYWAY ...CUT IT SOMEWHERE ELSE BOYS ! ABOUT the WHITECASTLE TOURS : i got an email from my old congressman ( i moved ) stating that he would set up tours for the house of reps. for vacationers..just let him know when we were coming... he did this for our group going to the PROMISE KEEPERS convention in WASHINGTON years ago. so SOME of the guys are good guys !

  • Margaret A. Goforth

    03/18/2013 02:52 PM

    Gov. Huckabee...I pray that each time I watch you on Saturday night that someday soon....I will have the privilege of calling you
    Keep up the good work and never, never give up. We need you so desperately.

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