In the wake of the scandal regarding the racist and bigoted comments of all around hypocrite sleazeball Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, I’ve observed some things. We of course now have to have another national conversation about race according to the pundits. Really? Some philandering old curmudgeon who is married to one woman spends $1.8 million on gifts to his adulteress girlfriend who is half black and half Latino and who is less than half his age. The guy may very well be a racist, but he is for sure a creep. He is no more representative of all the white people of America than Al Sharpton is representative of all the black people. People are individuals. Some individuals are racist. They represent themselves, not everyone who shares something in common with them. If a teenager hurls an insult at me, I assume the kid didn’t have good parents who taught him how to behave—I don’t blame every teenager in America because I met one who didn’t have enough time in the time-out chair when he was 3 years old. If a baseball player gets in a fight in a bar and punches someone, I don’t assume everyone associated with baseball is a violent drunk. This is not about all white people or all black people. This is about Donald Sterling and how he behaves like the south end of a north bound mule. The NBA Commissioner pretty much gave Sterling the equivalent of the sports industry’s death penalty. He acted quickly, sternly, and decisively. He handled questions from the press calmly, firmly, and factually. Will whack job Sterling have a legal case against the NBA because the comments he made were in private and taped illegally and then given to the press illegally from a jilted girl friend? The irony will be that if he does, it will likely be a civil rights case. That’s not a jury I’d want to sit on.

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