In the wake of the scandal regarding the racist and bigoted comments of all around hypocrite sleazeball Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, I’ve observed some things. We of course now have to have another national conversation about race according to the pundits. Really? Some philandering old curmudgeon who is married to one woman spends $1.8 million on gifts to his adulteress girlfriend who is half black and half Latino and who is less than half his age. The guy may very well be a racist, but he is for sure a creep. He is no more representative of all the white people of America than Al Sharpton is representative of all the black people. People are individuals. Some individuals are racist. They represent themselves, not everyone who shares something in common with them. If a teenager hurls an insult at me, I assume the kid didn’t have good parents who taught him how to behave—I don’t blame every teenager in America because I met one who didn’t have enough time in the time-out chair when he was 3 years old. If a baseball player gets in a fight in a bar and punches someone, I don’t assume everyone associated with baseball is a violent drunk. This is not about all white people or all black people. This is about Donald Sterling and how he behaves like the south end of a north bound mule. The NBA Commissioner pretty much gave Sterling the equivalent of the sports industry’s death penalty. He acted quickly, sternly, and decisively. He handled questions from the press calmly, firmly, and factually. Will whack job Sterling have a legal case against the NBA because the comments he made were in private and taped illegally and then given to the press illegally from a jilted girl friend? The irony will be that if he does, it will likely be a civil rights case. That’s not a jury I’d want to sit on.

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  • Laura Garand

    06/08/2014 09:29 PM

    I don't hear much about the RFID chip that people in Hanna Wy are required to get if they are on welfare or if they have a govt job, ie police military or even garbage men. If they refuse it they lose their jobs/paychecks. What right does the govt have to implant anything into our bodies? This reminds me of Nazi Germany branding Jewish people. How many people are aware that this is happening?

  • Steve Roth

    05/09/2014 11:00 AM

    Donald Sterling did not threaten anyone. He did not promote violence. He made comments that exposed his feelings regarding race - in private. When, in America, did we loose our right to express our thoughts aloud? While I detest his attitude, I believe in his right to express it. Is this it? Have the thought police taken over?

  • Susan Drake

    05/05/2014 12:26 PM

    If we are going to support "Freedom of Speech," in our country, then we need to let the words of Mr. Sterling stand. We don't have to agree, but we can support our freedoms. I also don't know where racism is listed as the number one sin in this country. It is interesting to me that blacks lead the country in out of wedlock births, but they focus on racism. We as a country need to work on our sins and put God back on the throne, not our egos, our hurts, etc. Mr. Sterling is a part of the team and so are the players. Mr. Sterlings comments and screaming racism are on equal levels and both aren't working.

  • Mike Norvell

    05/04/2014 09:59 PM

    Huckabee, you have lost a viewer and a fan. It appears that you have joined the liberal mainstream re your comments about the remarks made by the owner of the LA Clippers. I fully agree that Sterling's behavior is racist and offensive but his comments were made in private unlike the comments made by Jesse Jackson when he called Obama the N word and threatened to sexually mutilate him. Where was the public outcry for this offensive and racist behavior? How about Charlie Rangle who called white people crackes? Where were you and the NAACP and Obama? Racism is racism but it is not a one-way street. Sterling is a racist and so are Jackson and Rangle. Looks like you are gearing-up to run for president but you will not get my vote. You have lost a viewer and a fan by going from a hero to a zero because you only have the guts to cite white-on=black racism but not the other way around.

  • Lionel Mandrake

    05/04/2014 09:29 PM

    Huckabee tonight on his show proceeded to call Donald Sterling several names, many of them highly personal and offensive, this before and after he jammed with some band looking like quite the version of a goofy Bill Clinton with his saxophone, only he strummed a guitar with "Huckabee" modestly emblazoned on its strap.

    The way Mr. Huckabee pitched Mr. Sterling's supposed "racism" like a snide "thought crime" investigator from Orwell's Room 101 made him sound exactly like your typical democrat, liberal anti-racialist avenger stumping for a bone from the left, by ganging up on a rich man whose life is upended because he has does NOT have the right to his own thoughts, his own opinions, and his own feelings in race crazy America.

    I'm sick of this garbage as are millions others.

    Those who call Donald Sterling a racist are like juvenile bullies in the school yard all swarming on someone because they demand he get with the peer pressure program.

    Donald Sterling a racist? If so, he has the RIGHT to be so. Personally, he pays black employees millions to work for him. He had a mixed race girlfriend. How then is Sterling "Racist".

    Is Sterling any more a "racist" than many of the blacks in the NBA who by the way are some 80 plus percent of all players even as Huckabee's guest Kareem Abul Jabbar said "The NBA came a long way, but more still needs to be done".

    How much more?

    Could Sterling be more accurately defined as "bigoted"? If so, does he not both have the right to be so AND does that not make him just as bigoted as 90 percent of all human beings on planet Earth, "high road Huckabee" himself included?

    Or is any thought about blacks that they don't like automatically responded by the racially hyper-sensitive so called "minorities" and their janissaries like Huckabee by destroying someone's reputation by calling them "racist, racist. racist"?

    Mike Huckabee want to harp on Sterling because its easy. Why not call Sterling "Bigoted", because that's what he appears to be, and discuss real racism that is directed at white people relentlessly in America today. Why not talk about violence and murder rates against whites? Why not talk about whites being made a minority in America in the next 20 years all while being made to shoulder the never ending "more still needs to be done mantra" that liberals like Mike Huckabee ignores? Remember the "knockout game" epidemic?

    I guess Mike Huckabee's fake indignation at racism whis is really bigotry is show prep for his presidential ambitions.

    I guarantee him we don't want race hucksters and liberals pretending to be conservatives anymore.

    So he is doomed to fail with the Mr. Softie act except when the "R" word is in play.

    I'm glad Huckabee's been smoked out.

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