Sequester Special

Mar 13 2013

Two sequester special commentaries from yesterday:

It might be easier to believe the government is being forced to lay off workers if they’d just stop hiring more of them...Bridget Johnson of PJ Media notes that in the 10 days after the sequester cuts went into effect, the federal employment website posted nearly 2600 new job openings. Homeland Security alone took time out from warning us about airport security cuts and letting criminal detainees go free to advertise 107 new jobs. Some supervisory positions pay six figures. But then, it’s a big responsibility, overseeing all that budget cutting. Just ask the White House, which cut public tours, but has yet to lay off even one of Obama’s highly-paid staffers. One trio of a deputy director, a deputy assistant and a special assistant, all involved with climate change, pull down a combined salary of over $370,000 a year. But they’re not likely to be let go, because climate change is a pet issue with Obama donors. Until that climate changes, don’t expect any serious spending cuts from Washington anytime soon.


Is the government TRYING to be a pain? Or does it just seem that way?...An anonymous US forest ranger told Fox News that rangers were told by higher-ups to cut spending in ways that were the most painful to the public, like cutting tours for visitors. The Parks Service denies it, but I don’t think of park rangers as liars. I do think of government as wasting money, though. And if the President really wants painless cuts, Darryl Issa has lots of ideas. Issa’s House Oversight Committee listed nearly 11,000 examples of waste, fraud and abuse that could save $67 billion -- over three-quarters of the amount mandated by the sequester cuts. It’s not partisan: the list has been around the Bush years, and nothing was done then, either. All that’s happened since is that it’s grown by over 6,000 wasteful items and $30 billion. So why not make the smart, painless cuts first? After all, if you had to remove about 2 percent of your right hand, would you cut off your pinky? Or just trim your fingernails?

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  • Debra Kimble

    04/06/2013 12:28 AM

    My husband works for the government and said they are only picking up the trash within the office areas once a day now. Quit giving money to Planned Parenthood. I voted for Bush 43 because he loves the Lord and just didn't talk the talk, he walked the walk. Wish he would have done more to stop my tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood. President Obama is the worst when it comes to supporting PPH. And as a Christian, I am called to pray for him, which I do almost every night.

  • Michael K. Sunderland

    03/28/2013 01:38 PM

    I have, unfortunately, come to the conclusion that this President is deliberately doing his best to destroy the fundamental principles this nation was founded upon... eliminate personal responsibility, and rely upon government. There is a basic problem with that premise... eventually the taxpaying well goes dry. I begin to think that Ayn Rand was right... we who work and produce goods and services should quit and let the well go dry.

  • Ella Martin

    03/21/2013 10:48 PM

    Gov. Huckabee,
    Consumer Spendng is not up. People are buying the same things they have been, but every thing they buy is higher. Therefore the dollar amount makes it appear spending is up.

  • heather m. quade

    03/14/2013 02:23 AM

    Thank you for keeping us informed on what's really going on, for letting the truth be known, for letting your light so shine that they may see your good deeds and glorify our father who is in heaven. God bless you mike Huckabee!!! Prayers

  • Susan Brady

    03/13/2013 10:54 PM

    You are right. Surely someone can stop the waste. Is there no way to stop this man and this congress from destroying our country, They are worse than a bunch of kids sticking their tongues out at each other.

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