The Boy Scouts of America sparked some controversy with their efforts to be inclusive. But their annual jamboree is going in the other direction. Only its’ not gay scouts who are excluded. The Scouts published height/weight requirements, and any Scouts who are too obese to qualify will be banned from the jamboree. A spokesman said a healthy lifestyle is part of Scouting, and they published the guidelines years in advance to give overweight Scouts time to shape up. They also expect this to be the most physically demanding jamboree ever, with events like rock-climbing, skateboarding and BMX biking. So if you’re not in shape to participate, you have to stay home. I don’t know what that says to those of us who joined the Scouts so we could learn how to start a campfire and cook Smores over it.

On the subject of enforced childhood healthiness, Michelle Obama is promoting a new idea: the “walking school bus.” She hopes to get kids to shape up by getting together in groups with adult chaperones and walking to school instead of riding on a school bus. Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that Democrats will take photos of the walking school buses, and then blame it on Republican budget cuts?

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  • Barbara Chance

    09/08/2014 07:51 PM

    I am so saddened over everything that is changing. I can remember being a Camp Fire Girl and my Mother was a leader. It was so much fun. We learned how to be kind, respectful, nature lovers, and formed lasting friendships.We slept in Cabins, loved our late night giggle sessions. That is all gone now. Boys have to be able to join, no camp fires, no smores.I grieve about those gone years. Life was descent and good.I still have memories but like losing a loved one, my Country as I knew it is gone. Soon my faith will have to be celebrated in private, because I might offend someone

  • Mark Miller

    07/22/2013 07:47 PM

    As most of the comments listed confirm that the overweight scouts are not being discriminated as you and the mainstream media would suggest. These height to weight restrictions are put there to protect the scouts. The Jamboree is a very demanding physical event. With over forty thousand scouts there emergency medical help would not be able to keep up with the scouts (and adults) that are physically unfit for this physically demanding event.
    I do not agree with the recent membership changes that were pressured by lawsuits and promises of removing donations by big business. BUT I STILL BELIEVE IN THE BSA Since we are still a faith based organization maybe this is Gods way of providing help to these confused boys.

  • C.J.Simmons

    07/19/2013 09:12 PM

    A few points: Why is it an
    escalation and encouragement to promote a Racial divide began slightly before the 2008 election ? Bill and Hillary Clinton were initial victims themselves. When the "New" Democrats came to town, racial tensions began to grow. This was engineered. Our President might do well to understand the sins of the past, become the sins of the present, when the leadership agitates and instigates racial hatred and violence; creating amongst even the youngest in our nation's community, a new generation of hatred, contempt, division, and revenge. Perhaps a race war is ultimate goal; that's one way to suspend elections.

    Thanks. C.J./ Little Rock

  • Los Angeles, Mike

    07/19/2013 06:36 PM

    Re: New Merit Badge?

    Absolutely merciless and biased decision. I hope this helps you think of running in 2016, Mike.

    I wonder if there is a new badge being offered: "Pull the ladder up on fellow scouts to get ahead."

    Or is this becoming the new way for people to get more of their kids in the US military academies?

    Someone might cite being

    Poor kids are being enticed to get badges at the cost of integrity; others are being kept from getting badges at the cost of humiliation. Someone is using this organization now as a means to help their own kids climb up the ladder of success, and then pull the ladder up on the truly valiant.

  • Calvin H. Gray

    07/19/2013 03:39 PM

    The weight guidelines for the Jamboree were published many months in advance so Scouts and adults have had more than adequate time to "be prepared" for the event and the physical restrictions. The BSA has similar rules for high adventure bases (Philmont, Northern Tier and Florida Sea Base). I've been a Scoutmaster for over 27 years and Scouts are much more interesting in the activities taking place at the Jamboree and at high adventure bases than in making smores.

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