For Chris Christie, it was Super Brawl weekend… New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie should have spent the weekend hosting the Super Bowl. Instead, he spent it battling a new allegation. Former Port Authority official David Wildstein claimed Christie knew about that political payback bridge lane closing that he denied any knowledge of. That would be very bad, because the first rule of political scandals is that a cover-up is usually worse than the original infraction. Christie’s people insist he told the truth, and slammed this new charge as a smear by the New York Times. Indeed, the Times story quoted Wildstein as saying he “had evidence” that Christie knew. After igniting a media firestorm, the story was quietly altered to the more vague phrase, “evidence exists.” Not that his accuser actually has it. Well, if he does have any evidence, he’d better show it fast. If this is an unfounded hit piece, I doubt anyone in New Jersey would hold it against Gov. Christie if he reacted less than kindly to it.

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  • Kenneth J Shores

    02/16/2014 11:28 PM

    Yes I know they are trying to go after Cristy for what he's done. Fine but why after all Oboma has done, we know he has broken the law many times, so why isn't he being impeached? What are we waiting for? For him to grab even more power? I don't understand? And I think you would have made a far better President in every way! Keep up the good God given job you are doing... God Bless Ken S.

  • J.Hunter

    02/11/2014 11:25 AM

    Suggestion for the 2016 campaign. 15 sec. Commercials presenting thought provoking, documented Factal parallels of the liberal ideology from the 60's - present,to the statistical impacts on USA families,edu, morality, etc. vs the conservative ideology.

  • Margaret Radcliff

    02/09/2014 10:14 PM

    I agree with the opening comments you made this week. We the people know that Washington is corrupt and full of liars.
    No one does anything to stop it. Give us the solution to stop it now, yes in November we can change a few people. But we need some changes now before our country as we once knew it is gone forever.
    Let's start with impeachment, and go down from there. We know he has lied to us over and over.

  • Bernard J. Dunlevy, COL, US Army (Ret)

    02/09/2014 02:28 PM

    Hello Governor, I'm a long time admirer but heard you say something recently on Fox. You said that your state has to bring in foreign workers to staff your chicken-processing facilities because Americans won't take those jobs. I would've caveated that statement by adding ...won't take those jobs at the wages being offered. That's the problem with a lot of jobs and I believe that using foreign workers depresses wages in this country. I will appreciate hearing from you.

  • Peter sopel

    02/03/2014 03:52 PM

    Is what Christie accused of any where near the wrong things that Obama has done. Why is he being investigated instead Obama and his administration . What can't the poly graft test be given to ANYONE? I understand that the results can't be used in court of law, but.........

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