Theories as to the problems in the Republican Party are as numerous as the suspects in an old B&W Perry Mason show. We hear it’s because they won’t support Obamacare or gun control or immigration reform or gay marriage or abortion. But the problem with Republicans is not that they refuse to move farther left and become calorie-free Democrats. It’s that they’ve forgotten to respect and reach out to the people who really make this country work – and here’s a hint: it’s not the guys in the big corner offices.

My wife and I were at Fenway Park recently, and I was watching the peanut and hot dog vendors, carrying heavy loads up and down the steps in the heat. When I see them, I see what makes America great: people working hard for a living, so that one day, they can be the ones in the seats. People who work with their hands have a gift. I can’t fix a car or an air conditioner, and the people who can are valuable. Republicans need to communicate why big government and high taxes hurt the guys who are building the skyscraper, not just the guy who owns it. They need to explain why educational choice gives the kids of working single moms the same opportunities as kids going to the finest private schools. They need to make it clear what the Democrats’ energy policies are costing them at the gas pumps and in their electric bills.

I grew up having a lot more in common with the people working in the kitchen than those sitting at the head table. If Republicans can explain to the wait staff at the GOP fundraisers how conservative policies will help them, then they won’t have to worry so much about the people who paid $10,000 a plate. Don’t begrudge the underemployed family food stamps, and then justify bailouts for AIG, Goldman Sachs and GM. The GOP’s problem isn’t that it’s too conservative. It’s convincing the masses and the majority that they aren’t invisible.

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  • Janice Thomas

    08/22/2013 03:13 PM

    Thank you and the people who work so hard to get your messages to us. In America, I firmly believe that we the people have a gift of prophecy concerning the doings of our government. We just knew how this country would turn after the second speech in the President's first campaign. He has to keep us focused on his mantra to distract us from his hidden agenda and his secret works.
    However we need to stop this idea of both parties working together. Each party should make sure that both parties strictly adhere to our CONSTITUTION so that our FREEDOMS cannot be dumped into septic tanks.

    I am stopping here but I have much more to say.

    Add this to your polls: Right now, as a retired couple our insurance has gone up 30%; our copays to visit the doctor have more than doubled and tests and hospital services or specialist doctors is around $5,000 a pop. I need to eye surgery and knee surgery but the non-payments and harassments from our insurer will cut into our savings. Our savings that we worked overtime and took no vacations while we were young to help with the quality of our lives. We also were not able to afford a dream house which was very modest. We figured that in the last 10 years we have put $95,000 dollars into the insurance company's coffers. This would have more than paid for modifications to our house. Oh well. We, for the first time feel HOPELESS AND DEEPLY SADDENED BY THE STATES OF IMMORALITY AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENTS IN OUR LAND. The concept of majority rule has been thrown to the raging winds and scattered so that they are no longer unrecognizable.

    I have much more on specific topics that I would love to share with you.

    God Bless You,

    Janice and Roy

  • Donald Rowe

    08/18/2013 11:48 AM

    Agree wholeheartedly with the statement about who makes this country great, or at least, who MADE this country great....the working man and or woman. I occasionally get into a conversation with one of my acquaintances about success, and the conversation then leads to the question about who's successful within our circle of friends, and or acquaintances. I've never had a really high paying job, and to be honest, never really wanted one, because I so enjoy working with my hands that I was always afraid that if I were to work my way up in some big corp., and I have worked for a few, to a position where I could just barely hold my own, which is what 90% if the folks in big business have done, I'd have lost the ability to help folks by the nature of such, and work with my hands to build or repair something or everything. So, when promotions would be offered, with more pay, (and ultimately, with more hours), I would respectfully decline, saying that I really didn't feel ready for the job. I did eventually wind up with a few jobs where I was fairly autonimous, left alone to my own devices, and I always gave more in time and effort than what I got in return, (salary and vacation time). I imagine that's why I was offered so many promotions. Finally I realized that what I wanted I could ultimately have, with my own business. I'd been doing repairs for friends, family and of course, on our own appliances and home, so I had most of the experience and tools that I would need for the business. About all I needed was to gather the gumption to just jump in and do it. So, in 1989, I finally quit everything else, and concentrated on doing just what I'd always dreamed of doing, building my own company, so to speak. We bought a home in a more accessible neighborhood, within 10 miles of 4 or 5 towns, with a couple of outbuildings, one of which I made into my SHOP. We've never made a ton of money operating just this business, but we are our own bosses and we do make our own decisions about how we do things. And best of all, we do consider ourselves to be successful. We've lived most of our lives doing what we love, how we want to do it, in our own
    business. That's priceless.

  • Everett Coates

    08/17/2013 03:59 PM

    Absolutely right Mike. If the Republicans did that they would indeed become the "party of the people" as the Democratic Party likes to proclaim themselves to be.

  • Arturo Maurico

    08/16/2013 10:49 PM

    Mike, you are partially right, but the fact is that most politicians come from wealthy family and never had an dirt in the finger nails! And, that is the problem, they don't have the guts to leave their post (congressmen, senators, whatever) because they don't know what else to do if they don't get reelected!!! Their only purpose in congress is to work towards reelection, period. They don't car about the country. It is all about their career, period, end of conversation. That's my story and I stand by it.

  • George H. Campbell

    08/16/2013 09:39 PM

    We need another party in place of the Republican Party. Libertarians or the Tea Party. The old guard of Republicans have sold out and gone over to Obama's side. Then there is not much difference in the two parties any more. It appears they are just two sides of the same coin and each controlled by the same "higher powers". Who would vote Republican now, and no give-aways!
    You, Ron Paul or Michele Bockman where the best choices we've had in years and look who the people vote for! I'm so discouraged!

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