I need to have a heart to heart talk with you. I ask you to listen with your mind and not your emotions. I want to speak to you as one who ran for office as a candidate numerous times; got elected to state wide office longer than any Republican in my state’s history; and who now hosts a television show, a talk radio show, and a daily radio commentary. I’m probably one of the few talk show hosts who has actually served as CEO of a state and also presided over a Senate as a Lt. Governor. As a candidate, I had to run and win in a state that had only elected 3 people of my party to statewide office in 150 years, and won by the largest margin of anyone in my party ever had. I even received 49% of the African American vote in my state—not many Republicans in any state can say that—black or white. I don’t mean to say that to boast, but to qualify what I want to say. Having run for office, served in office, and been a talk show host talking about those who serve in office, I can tell you that the easiest of those is being a talk show host. I get to take a stand, I get to fully control the debate, and can change the subject when I want to. I have no responsibility for the outcome of my ideas should they be embraced and adopted. The solutions I push for on radio or tv don’t have to work. I can be absolutely absolute about how right I am because no one gets to hold me accountable. Holding office and governing is hard. Very hard. As Governor, I had 89 of 100 Democrats in the House and 31 of 35 Democrats in the Senate. With those numbers, I didn’t have a legislature that was looking for ways to make me look good. The legislation I proposed had to be good and I had to sell it to people who didn’t have a natural interest in wanting to pass it. This week, most of the Republican callers to my radio show supported the showdown and the shutdown. One said it best, “We sent those guys to Washington to take a stand.” That’s when I realized “Houston, we’ve got a problem.” Because, no, we didn’t “send those guys to Washington to take a stand. We sent them to govern. It’s really easy to “take a stand.” You don’t even have to go to the trouble of running for office or serving as an elected official. I take a stand every day. You can take a stand by raising your voice on the Capitol Steps; but to make a real change, you need to get inside that building and have a vote. I can raise Cain as a talk show host, but to raise up test scores, create jobs, or build roads or to reform prisons, I had to govern. Unless the numbers are all on your side, you won’t get everything you want. I had a theological education and in theology, things are pure—black and white. Politics isn’t pure. And it’s never perfect. When I cook barbecue ribs, I cook them on low heat and cook them slow to make them fall off the bone tender. Good cooking is not done over an explosion, but a steady heat. We’ve seen people in Washington taking a stand, but are they governing? Most people don’t care about the process in the kitchen—they care about the finished product. Governing is about mastering the process so the product will nourish and not make us sick. I think some of the politicians would be better as talk show hosts and some of the talk show hosts ought to run for office and find out what it’s really about.


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  • Mubarak

    11/14/2013 08:15 PM

    I was once accused of being a one issue voter or smhetoing like that because I voted based on abortion and gay marriage. However the adult accusing me of this, voted democratic based on a democrats stance on minority rights in which she belonged to a minority . It angered me, and still angers me because not only was this particular person a Christian but also for me, I could almost care less about any other issues because I believe that taking a stand for Christian morals and most importantly LIFE, takes much more precedence than any rights that may benefit me if that particular party and or nominee has no morals. What a selfish and very narrow-minded view for someone to believe that it is much more important to vote one way because of how it impacts them, and them alone instead of so many others. I also found it appalling that this person could so quickly disregard standing up for what the bible teaches. The sad thing is though, that I know that there are so many other Christians out there that do the same thing.

  • Cher Kautz

    10/30/2013 02:57 AM

    Wish you could relay to Charles Krauthammer-- I watched Special Report "Things That Matter" 3 times. Really enjoyed the way in which it was presented. Charles Krauthammer, you are my hero! I would say you have given me the gift of seeing things from the perspective of logical, intelligent, educated, experienced insightfulness on the political topics of the day as a result of your ability to convey dynamic thought. I'm looking forward to reading your new book.

  • Ray Howard

    10/28/2013 06:23 AM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,
    I would like to bring the following information to your attention and receive some feedback concerning this travesty.
    Thank you very much and God Bless your efforts.

  • Nancyanna Townsend

    10/23/2013 02:50 PM

    I heard an unverified comment on Coast to CoastAM this morning to the effect that some prison print shops are printing thousands of placards "MARSHAL LAW". Do you know anything about this and does this have some bearing on all of the ammunition the government is said to have purchases? This is so scary if true.

  • Lisa Maurer

    10/22/2013 10:39 PM

    Hello Governor Huckabee,
    I just finished watching your October 20th clip interviewing the California 4th grade teacher suing the California teacher's union and I was thrilled and will be praying for her. I am a teacher from Minnesota and we too are made to pay either full or partial union dues. I was sick after doing some research of the organizations and/or political liberal candidates my dues help to support. Thank you for allowing this to be exposed! My husband and I are born-again Christians and we will continue to lift you and your Christian/conservative programming up in prayer. Mrs. Maurer

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