What Is He Smoking?

Aug 01 2013

With more sexting scandals popping up for Anthony Weiner, the campaign manager for his New York City mayoral run has abandoned ship, and polls show him drooping. But his defenders insist that what he did was his personal business, and it’s not a crime. Maybe not, but this might be. The New York Daily News is questioning what Weiner did the first time his personal problem made news. If you’ll recall, he claimed someone must’ve hacked his Twitter account, and he launched an investigation. The Daily News reports that he spent over $43,000 in campaign funds on private eyes to investigate what he knew to be his own lies. That’s certainly a novel use for donors’ contributions. It suggests that he has as loose a grip on the concept of fiscal responsibility as he does on himself.

But some good news for Weiner: a fellow Democratic politician has finally spoken up to support him. This pol called Weiner “a good Democrat” and urged him to stop talking about his peccadilloes and play up his Congressional record. It’s former Washington, DC, mayor Marion Barry. Yeah, I know we’re all thinking it: “What is he smoking?”

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  • Mary Edwards

    08/03/2013 11:56 AM

    Mr. Huckabee I always enjoy your comments on Facebook. It is a sad day for Fox news when we get more news on FB from you, Rep. Fleming and Sen. Vitter than we can get from Fox news on line. Keep up the good work God bless.

  • Diane Dimond

    08/01/2013 10:17 AM

    Marion Berry came to Wiener's defense? The same guy who, when caught red handed smoking crack with a woman in a Washington DC hotel room said only, "The Bitch set me up!" THAT Marion Berry?
    It speaks volumes that he is the ONLY one backing Wiener's foolish Mayorial bid.
    Wiener is obviously a sick and delusional narcissist who cannot grasp the inappropriateness of his actions. His wife may be one too. -- Diane Dimond

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