You might not remember this, but one big reason the government shut down was because Obama and the Senate Democrats rejected a Republican offer to fund the government but just delay Obamacare by a year. Now, it’s beginning to look as if the best thing the Democrats could have done for themselves politically was to take that deal because Obamacare might have to go back to the repair shop for about that long anyway.

The feds keep insisting that the Obamacare exchange website,, was just overwhelmed by all the people signing on, and they just have to fix a few glitches. But the CEO of the insurance giant AETNA said they saw a lot of problems well before the launch. Now, he says there’s so much wrong, they won’t even know what’s broken until they get a lot more of it fixed. Official estimates for fixing it range from a few weeks to two months, but independent IT experts estimate it could take as long as four or five months or more. Problem is that under the individual mandate that the Democrats also refused to delay, Americans are supposed to have health coverage well before then. Is the IRS going to fine people for not having something that nobody can buy?

Well, not “nobody,” but close. Obamacare boosters brag that 9-and-a-half million people visited the website during the first week. And that may be true. But how many of them got onto the site, registered, made it to the enrollment page and filled out the forms? An analysis by the research firm of Millward Brown Digital found that the number who actually made it through all those steps to enroll was about 36,000. That’s four-tenths of one percent of all the people who tried to visit the site. At that sign-up rate, we might have to delay Obamacare until two to four months after Jesus returns.

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  • Prience

    11/15/2013 07:23 PM

    It's good to see you back, Kerry. I hope everything goes well with you and your famliy during your move.As for the election, yes there is a lot media time spent trying to nail Sarah Palin to the wall for any abuse of power they imagine she may have committed. It is sad, considering we could have a discussion about a lot of things more important than that.As for John McCain, I certainly wish we had another candidate, whether it would have been Mike Huckabee or someone else. However, I fear what Barack Obama can and will do to our country so much that I am willing to vote for McCain just to make sure Obama is kept out of the White House. I had pretty much made this decision before he announced Sarah Palin as his running mate.I understand where you are coming from and I certainly don't mean to argue, I just wanted you to know why I made the decision to support McCain.

  • Christina D. Wells-Jackson

    10/23/2013 07:52 AM

    I tried to log on to create my profile at least 30 times a day for the first 3 days and it kept telling me that my information was not valid when I would try to follow the email link they sent you actually have to log into the site twice to set up 1 account, they should divide the number of people who "visited" their site in half. By my estimate, since I tried, and failed, to set up an account, I actually accounted for 60+ of the hits every day.

  • Shaun Narine

    10/18/2013 10:16 PM

    It seems pretty clear that these problems will, eventually, be fixed. Two months is not that long, especially for the benefits gained. But what I find absolutely impossible to understand is why the American right is so opposed to efforts to fix what is a real and tragic problem in the US - people dying early and dying in poverty because they have no health insurance. The best solution, of course, is a government-run and funded single payer system. But Obamacare is the Republican alternative and it is the only kind of system that could work in the US, for ideological reasons. So, give it a chance and be happy that, when it does work, there will be millions of Americans who will finally have coverage. Then work on convincing those states that won't extend Medicaid that it is inhumane to deny poor people their right to healthcare.

  • Cynthia Sigman

    10/18/2013 03:18 PM

    Have to love Mike Hukabee. Why can't he be President?

  • Linda D. Meints

    10/18/2013 07:19 AM

    I think the IRS is going to start fining people. Just another way to hurt the people. The American people can be beaten down but they will pop right up stronger than before. I have faith in God and my fellow countrymen. There are the deadbeats. Maybe some day the people we elect to office will do something about the welfare and maybe someone will figure out how to stop the illegal noncitizens from enjoying the fruits of hard working citizens.

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