It’s always hard to wean yourself off an addiction. And we’re getting more proof every day that reliance on government to provide every need can be as addictive as any other mind-numbing drug. Many thought Greece’s politicians wouldn’t have the courage to pass austerity measures, even though the debt run up by their socialist government is so overwhelming, there’s virtually no other way out. But miraculously, enough did show up and vote that the austerity plan passed. But those facing cutoffs from government handouts are going through withdrawal. Sunday, Athens suffered the most violent riots that nation has seen in decades, with anarchists battling police, setting fire to buildings and looting stores. The mayor said there’s tremendous damage to homes, businesses and even irreplaceable historic buildings. Some economists noted, when your country’s top industry is tourism, staging violent riots isn’t a very smart way to turn the economy around. But then, nobody ever said that throwing a tantrum was intelligent.

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