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Jul 25 2013

You never hear someone who lives in the country say, “I think I’ll move to the city for my health.” But maybe you should… that story next…Everyone thinks of cities as being far more dangerous than the country. But a new University of Pennsylvania study found it ain’t necessarily so. Yes, homicides are higher in the city…there aren’t too many drive-bys in Bugtussle. But when researchers factored in every major form of death by injury, they were surprised to find that the risk of dying in the country is 20 percent higher than in the city. And the further out you get, the higher the risk. It’s a little more dangerous in the suburbs, while the most rural county in the US was 40 percent riskier than the most urban area. It’s thanks to two major differences: drivers in the country are more likely to speed and not wear seat belts or helmets. And there aren’t nearly as many hospitals in the sticks. But I’d still rather take my chances in the country than the city. It’s a lot easier to put on a seat belt than to make yourself bulletproof.

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  • Teri Belleau

    07/26/2013 07:58 PM

    Love your common sense! Thanks for caring about this Country, and for bringing us information we might not otherwise learn:)

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