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May 26 2014

Real Heroes

This Memorial Day I urge you to do more than enjoy a picnic, a barbecue, or a day at the beach or the lake. Thank God for your freedom and for the men and women in uniform who provided it. I have a good friend, Martha Cothren, a social studies teacher at Joe T. Robinson High School, in Little Rock. Her father was a WWII POW, and she is a true patriot. On the first day of school in 2005, Martha wanted to give her students a lesson on freedom they wouldn’t forget. With the permission of her principal, she removed the desks from her classroom. When the students came for first period and asked where their desks were, Martha told them they would get a desk when they could tell her how to earn one. Students suggested good grades, or good behavior, but Martha told them while those were important, it wouldn’t earn them a desk. As each period came and went, students were stumped as to how to earn a desk and word spread across campus about the teacher who had lost her mind and taken the desks out. Students called their parents, some called the media and local television crews showed up to find out what was going on. At the last period of the school day, when no student had correctly answered how to earn a desk, Martha Cothren went to the classroom door and opened it, and welcomed a parade of veterans who walked in carrying school desks. As they brought in the desks and lined them in rows, Martha told them, “Kids, you don’t have to earn your desks; these guys already did.” I salute great teachers and patriots across our land who honor our veterans. And most of all, I salute our veterans, who earned me more than a school desk. They earned me my freedom. To them, I say thanks. And God bless you!

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  • billie tanner

    08/18/2014 01:39 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,
    I watched your program last night about the over militarization of the police force. Today in Ferguson, the National Guard has, once again, been called out and for good reason. When law and order is destroyed and people turn to looting and burning businesses, what would you have us do? Live in chaos? Peaceful protests are one thing; violence something else. P.S. Would you want to be a cop? No one could pay me enough money to do that job. Thank God for our law enforcement. They do a job that not many people would do.

  • gary lee young

    08/07/2014 04:16 PM

    with all this talk about GOP
    war on women. Why are we not
    pounding on details of Sharia
    law. How they want it in US
    and all over and other side
    Dems and Obama lean towards
    Islamic factions. We should publish it in detail and hound it on your show. Let us play to win.

  • Donna Stratton

    07/02/2014 01:41 PM

    I do salute the men and women that have served are serving or will serve in the future but the ones that served in the past that are now going to the VA are having such trouble my father a vet during the vietnam era had to be taken to the hospital in december and i took him to the closest one and they took him up to the VA hosptial why is it now 6 almmost 7 months later the va or medicare has not paid one dime on the care given to my father at the other hosptial or the ambulance ride there where do i need to go to get help with this or what can i do??? this is so wrong this man is on a fixed income and yet they expect him to pay for it all....then what were his years of service to our country for????.....a desperate daughter looking for help for her father thank you so much for your time

  • wayne swaylik

    06/09/2014 10:30 AM

    Elmer Davis, Office of War Information (1942 to 1945) wrote: "THIS WILL REMAIN THE LAND OF THE FREE ONLY SO LONG AS IT IS THE HOME OF THE BRAVE".

    Mr. Davis would roll over in his grave if he could see the cowards in we have in Congress who let Obama (The Fuhrer) do anything he wants, whenever he wants and the whomever he wants without Congress. He has made Congress a NON-Entity.

    All I hear from Congress and all news medias is TALK, TALK, TALK and no action. (COWARDS).

    I am 72 years old, Retired and a Vet. (PROVE ME WRONG)

  • Bob Dov Silverman

    06/09/2014 04:05 AM

    Why did President Obama make the unequal trade of Sgt. Bergdahl for five top Taliban terrorists?
    ANSWER: “He wanted to take the press and public’s attention away from the Veterans scandal by freeing an American veteran.”
    It backfired. But the President is a nimble politician. He is making lemonade from the fruit of his efforts. Since the Bergdahl incident nothing has been said of the Veterans’ scandal. The White House is taking flak for one deserter while hundreds of thousands of men and women who served their country well,
    are forgotten. Please address the important issue. Bob Dov Silverman ex-Marine Sgt. Israel