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  • Los Angeles, Mike

    07/24/2013 05:51 PM

    Re: Don't Forget-You Rock, too

    Thanks Gov for having Rick on your show. You right in targeting Rick's success-his connect with the fans.

    It sounds like he has figured out the happiness and hero thing a little. True-those who grew up connecting to his style are now passing the torch to their kids. That is the measure of respect and fun.
    So Rick can humble himself knowing its his fans who attract wonderful interesting people-their own friends and family.

    Mike, I would have only changed one thing. I would have said "Rick attracts beautiful people." I know how nerve racking it can get to be around folks you only heard about, respected them, and then suddenly are in their presence. Yes, Rick rocks; but so do you.

    That's why we are your fans and tell our kids about you and your family. We're not perfect.

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