I’ve seen some odd government rulings, but one in Oregon really takes the cake… Aaron and Melissa Klein of Portland, Oregon, owned a little bakery called Sweet Cakes by Melissa. They’re devout Christians, and when a lesbian couple asked them to make a gay wedding cake, they turned down the job because they hold marriage to be a sacrament. Any number of bakeries would’ve taken the job. Instead, the couple filed a civil rights complaint. The Kleins suffered protests by gay groups, accusations of bigotry, and even death threats against their children. They finally had to close their bakery and work from home. Now, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries has ruled that they violated the lesbian couple’s civil rights and they may have to make a settlement. Under state law, only religious organizations have a right to deny service based on sexual orientation, not individual business owners. If you thought the First Amendment specifically protected the religious beliefs of individuals, then welcome to America in the 21st century.

The Kleins say it almost seems as if the state is hostile toward Christian businesses. No kidding. But they stand by their beliefs and thank the many Americans who’ve supported them. It’s interesting to me that the recent state civil right of same-sex marriage seems to trump the bedrock First Amendment right of freedom to practice your religious beliefs free of government harassment. How did proponents of gay rights, who based their movement on appealing to Americans’ sense of fairness and tolerance, sink to the point where they now seek to force their views onto others against their sacred religious beliefs, even to the point of making death threats against innocent children? They’ve redefined more than the word “marriage.” In Oregon, they’re also giving a whole new definition to the word “tolerance.”

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  • jerry brumbaugh

    03/02/2014 02:45 PM

    "intent" would only be for a man and womwn to be married;...the word "marriage"
    is from God, and use of "marriage" would come with the restrictions from god; Unions would be different as Not against the "intent" of God.

    My opinion in law is that a "marriage" is "intent" in law that was created and continued by God;.........the word would not be for any other use in joining couples, as the word is defined by God.

  • Elena Bost

    01/31/2014 05:26 PM

    I usually do enjoy you show and many times I agree with you. This is one issue I have fault with, why did you make a comment about women not being able to control their libido and they want free birth control. Not one word about men contoling their sexual desires and you sure don't object to the gov paying for viagra or other sex enhancement drugs for men of all ages. Seem a little out of balance to me.

  • Betsy Jones

    01/28/2014 07:25 AM

    Jan 27 at 7:34 PM

    For starters, I am horrified that we still haven't legalized gay marriage. It's 2014 and we are still making excuses for denying people civil rights.
    I am really taking the time to comment on Charles' comments. Since it is obvious this man does not understand how women obtain most birth control, I will explain to any of you who don't understand. Women go to a gynecologist be examined and screened for cancers, etc. ( we do this annually) and then we are advised on what type of birth control to use, from there the Dr. Writes a prescription. Birth control doesn't come from " outlets" and its laughable that you think employers should buy these for their employees. It makes me sad to know that people in America are thinking this way and don't even have a basic understanding on how or why women get birth control. Mike huckabee shouldn't make any comments about women's libidos until he magically becomes a woman until then, he really has no idea what he is talking about.
    Why would we begrudge a form of medical care for 50% of the population? And for all of you that like to bring religion into this argument, please realize that some women take birth control for medical reasons, not just to prevent pregnancy.

  • Sherry Maze

    01/26/2014 05:15 PM

    On Jan.23 88 year-old Robison Risner was laid to rest in Arlington Natl. Cemetery. I read that Robison Risner was shot down over VietNam and served 7 years in the "Hanoi Hilton"--3 of them in the dark. He once led a church service there knowing he would be tortured for it. As they were takng him back the other POWs belted out The Star Spangled Banner! Later he said that made him feel 9 feet tall and that he could take on a bear with a switch. They made his bronze statue 9 ft. tall. Arlington had his service although D.C. closed down for a snowstorm. His riderless horse and the Honor Guard did him proud. But what about us? What did we as Americans give this ace pilot who shot down 8 MIGs in the Korean War and was shot down twice over Viet Nam. This hero who wore 65 medals and had a missing man salute over the air base in NC? We didn't even put our flags at half staff for this Lieu. General. We sure did for Mandela and had 4 U.S. presidents at his funeral! What about this hero? Buried at Arlington with a full Honor Guard and his family watching. In the quiet with snow falling on that caisson with his flag-draped casket. In the dark of a grave instead of a prison cell for us. Where is our respect America??? To whom are you loyal President Obama?

  • Charles Williams

    01/26/2014 12:21 AM

    I commend your speech earlier this week and your not being afraid to quantify what you said. I turned you off a few ago when you liken be very conservative to being somewhat legalistic...One of the reasons you are being shushed by many women that are conservative is because they think you are being legalistic, when you use the term libido. They hear the term and think you are being intrusive...I agree with you for the most basic of facts..IF the federal government doesn't mandate birth control as a standard benefit, then any woman can go to a medical provider and purchase what they need. There is no prohibition against a woman buying a medical item they need...I think this needs to be mentioned over and over. You could have yourself or staff purchase them at various outlets to show how easy it is to obtain. There are probably even some differences in the purchase price..This would show how economically they are..Comparisons could be made of other medical items available at the same places where birth control can be bought. Sometimes the absolutely most obvious pint can be made with common sense, show and tell. I am wishing you the best in your stand at actually standing for something worth talking about.

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