Obama's Syria Mess

Sep 03 2013

Is the President serious about Syria?…There is no longer trip for a world leader than the slow climb down off his high horse after he realizes that nobody’s following him. Obama seems to be trying to climb down from his ultimatum to Syria, but it’s hard with the eyes of the world on him. He warned that if Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, the US would…well…do SOMETHING. But even if the recent chemical attack in Damascus is proven to have been launched by Assad, what do we do? Helping replace him with rebel groups affiliated with al-Qaeda would be even worse for America. Obama’s talking about a missile attack that wouldn’t do any real damage. Other than risking igniting widespread war in the Middle East while purposely accomplishing nothing. After finding himself totally alone on this, Obama now says he’ll wait for Congress to return from recess and let them vote on it. So the only good news is that he’s now given Congress one more reason not to go back to work. 

Even media outlets that normally back Obama, like the New York Times, are dismayed at how badly the Syria situation has been botched. A President should never write a check he can’t cash. It makes America look weak to both our allies and our enemies, and that’s a very dangerous situation in today’s world. Even if Congress says no to an attack on Syria, Obama says he believes he has the power to order it anyway. But the Constitution says that approving acts of war is the duty of Congress alone. As some legal scholars note, Presidents have launched attacks before when it was an emergency and Congress hadn’t had time to meet and say no. But to launch an attack when there’s been no attack on the US, there’s no compelling national interest, and Congress has specifically voted against it? That would shatter the limits of presidential power under the Constitution. It would also pose a serious dilemma for the military members who’d have to carry out the order. They’re sworn to both obey the Commander-in-Chief and protect and defend the Constitution. If the Commander-in-Chief gives them an unconstitutional order, what exactly are they supposed to do?

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  • Betty Parker

    09/07/2013 09:10 PM

    Mr. Huckabee: Just watched your Fox News Show. Thank You for standing up for the American people and telling it like it is about Syria and this stupid plan the President has to involve us in yet another mess. If we allow this to happen I feel it will take our country down a path we can not recover from.

  • Louis Nemick

    09/05/2013 02:58 PM

    I just want to say stay out of Syria.

  • kenneth carter

    09/04/2013 05:37 PM

    Why are the arabs not controling the arabs we do not need to be there. We can not come out of this in good shape

  • Marlene Greer

    09/04/2013 01:24 PM

    The United States should stay out of this fight. Let them kill each other and not our boy's. They hate us, we give them money and I have to ask why. We are not responsible for their wars and we do not need to go further in debt to support them. Listen to us WE THE PEOPLE,

  • Shirley m capes

    09/04/2013 07:37 AM

    Gov. Mike, you are correct that the military will be going against the Constition,They have sworn to uphold.no President should put them in that position no matter the reason.
    I do not agree with the proposal that we strike Syria. Even though the crimes are awful,I do not think it is our duty to protect the world.
    This is a mess of the Presidents own making and it can only end badly. Thanks

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