Budgeting 101

Aug 15 2013

Remember all the scare stories about how the sequester budget cuts – actually just a small reduction in the rate of spending increase, but whatever – when those cuts were going to force government agencies to lay off workers and bring about the end of the world? Well, like much of Obamacare, the end of the world has been delayed. Nearly every major federal agency that announced plans to furlough workers has backtracked, after figuring out how to cut the fat somewhere else instead. For instance, the Defense Department warned that they’d have to send all 750,000 of their civilian workers home for 22 days. But they cut a little spending here, and moved a few dollars around there, and suddenly, 22 days of furlough fell to 11 days, then to 6 days. You see, it turns out that there was a lot more wasteful spending in Washington than they realized, and you can actually trim that before you cut into necessities. All I can say to our federal government is, “Welcome to budgeting 101, the way all the rest of us have had to practice it for years now.”

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  • Harold Daigle

    08/24/2013 08:37 PM

    Today is Aug. 234 and I am watching your show on TV and you are giving your cure for Obamacare. I have an explanation that you may want to use because I think most people can relate to this. If I ran an automotive rwepair shop and you brought your car to me and said it is running poorly and you want it fixed. I take your car in and diagnois the problem and returned to youand tell youthe following: Mr. Jones your car need a tune up. I can change the spark plugs and ignition wires and that will fix your problem. That will coust you $300.00 or an option is that I can change the whole engine and that will cost you $5,000.00. Which one do you want?

  • sylvester ignowski

    08/16/2013 12:42 PM

    it always made me grit my teeth ( to the edge of snapping them) of how they talked about cutting AMERICANS benefits ...soldiers ..soc. sec. etc. etc. BUT at the same time want to give all sorts of freebees to non-AMERICAN persons who were illegally here! what a crew we have !

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