Remember when America was a free country? Religious liberty is so foundational to our nation's origin that faith was embedded in the very first amendment in our Bill of Rights. The GOVERNMENT is forbidden to prefer or prohibit an expression of religion. Religion is free to express; government was NOT free to infringe. In recent days, a small, but vocal and militant group of same-sex marriage advocates have co-opted religious liberty to force industry and government to go beyond tolerating homosexuality, but to APPROVE it. I’m told to shut up advocating for traditional marriage, but those who force acceptance, approval, and activism of same sex marriage allow no deviation from their fview. Wedding caterers and wedding photographers are being forced by government to serve same sex weddings, even if it violates the conscience and religious convictions of the provider. It’s not just government. A&E network found a successful formula to save it financially from its beginnings of "Arts and Entertainment." Reality shows have turned it into a cash cow, but none of its shows has ever rocketed it to the stratosphere of green and gold like its most popular show ever, "Duck Dynasty." Elites have never understood its popularity in "fly over" country, but for those of us who live in that part of America, Duck Dynasty wasn’t about the beards or the ducks, but the strongly knit sense of family that the Robertson clan embodied. Their Christian faith is apparently too real for reality TV. They live life “happy, happy, happy.” They are not straight-laced snobs or Puritans, but people who laugh, play, and pray. They reflect a family who loves each other. And they also believe a view of marriage that has been the standard for all of human history and the norm for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. A&E tossed Phil Robertson off TV because he believed what he said and said what he believed. A&E is insulting and snobbing the millions of Americans who hold the same view, albeit perhaps expressed in less graphic terms. I doubt very many members of a gay rights group even watch Duck Dynasty. Gay rights groups used to lobby for tolerance; now they lobby for intolerance. Reality TV has given us such high brow viewing as Jersey Shore, Temptation Island and Cheaters. It’s okay for shows to glorify adultery, binge drinking, teen sex, and serial promiscuity. But if someone on a reality show should actually reflect the reality of his Christian faith, then God better help him because the network won’t. Just who do the suits and A&E think those millions were who watched Duck Dynasty? Muslims aren’t criticized, ostracized or banned from the public square and their views are far more harsh and intolerant of homosexuality. Most Christians I know (including me) are respectful and tolerant of those who are homosexual and engage in friendship with, employment with, and social interaction with people who are openly gay. I can accept anyone, but I shouldn’t be forced to embrace a view of sex that is at odds with my faith. I have friends who accept me and love me, but think I'm a religious nut for believing the Bible and in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Are militant homosexuals so insecure so they are incapable of tolerating anyone who disagrees with them? Can we maybe get back to free speech and religious liberty? Or will we one day be told by the government what we can and can't say or believe. It starts in the marketplace. It ends when it is enforced by the state. We're getting close.

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  • Wanda Foster

    01/24/2014 03:33 PM

    Remember the days when freedom of religion meant you got to choose your own beliefs rather than have specific churches dictate to you what you must do with your own body. Remember when religious people knew that preventing unwanted births was better than abortion. Remember when people knew that it was good for a married woman to have sex with her husband without the fear of a pregnancy the family could not afford. When I grew up in the Baptist church people knew birth control was a good idea. I grew up Baptist, and I can assure you 3/4 of the married women in the church were on birth control. You want to make it about libido, but whoever asked a man to worry about such things?
    No. You teach that the woman must give up her body to her husband. I know who you are, and I know what you do. Having access to free birth control when I was a young married woman saved my life because I had endometriosis. It was essential to prevent a pregnancy and to prevent my death for other reasons. Having access to it enabled me to complete college and start my career. You people have no idea what you are talking about. Nothing about your stance on libido has anything to do with women. It was clearly a disrespectful insult to all women. The saddest thing is that I'm sure Mike Huckabee made those awful statements from a place of sheer ignorance. Birth control is about families and family planning in a world where far too many people are born with no means--people that Mike Huckabee will not financially support even though he doesn’t believe in birth control. Anyone who fails to understand family planning in 2014 and who purports to support the right to life should be willing to fund the quality of life needed for all of the young families out there who might listen to the idiocy and have babies they can't support, as Mr. Huckabee suggests. The hypocrisy of suggesting you might be "Christian," while misleading the young and the vulnerable is distasteful, utter nonsense. The fact that you clearly have no knowledge of and no respect or understanding for women is the least of your problems.

  • Patsy Edgerton

    01/11/2014 08:53 AM

    Dear Mr Huckabee,
    I have no shame in praying you will run for president.
    It is the morals, heart and truth of leadership we should cherish, yet it is our youth, politically uneducated and dependent on handouts that elected a man that had no experience other than a Barry White voice. I often picture Mr. Obama with a high pitched girly voice and know in my heart he would never have been elected otherwise. Now days, it's all about the outward package.

    I know you are expressing your views about the Obama approved sexual permission push, but it seems ALL that is good and sane is under attack. As Christians, most understand God chooses our leaders for greater purposes and to fullfill His promises. That said, I cannot help but wonder if the 4 horsemen are in play.

    I recently asked online if anyone knew about the rider on the black horse that carries "weight scales" and was instantly called a racist by the left. In truth, that is exactly what Mr. Obama is doing.

    Again, please run, this country needs "truth".

  • Don Turnbow

    01/04/2014 03:11 PM

    In the Jan.1, 2014 Jonesboro Sun, one of the letters that was written in and printed on the Opinion page said that a man by the name of Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation had been hired as a consultant to the Pentagon to develop new policies on religious tolerance, etc.

    The writer said this man was trying to have a policy for court-martialing military chaplains who share the Christian Gospel during spiritual counseling of American troops passed.

    In this same letter, the writer said that handwritten Christmas cards from schoolchildren were denied distribution to Vets at the Dallas VA Med Center because they referenced to the holiday name.

    Also, the VA Hospital in Augusta, Ga., turned away students who planned to sing Christmas carols to Vets.

    I don't know how much of this is true, but if so Mikey Winstein needs to be removed from his position and these other censorships need to be stopped.

    If these things are true I wondered if you might want to reveal these things to the Christians of Amer. on your show.


  • docno

    01/03/2014 11:02 AM

    I cannot speak for other citizens of the United States, but only for myself. Why am I "ticked off"? Why should my tax dollars go to pay for contraceptives when it is a woman's choice to either not have sex or to have sex? Why are those in Congress exempt from Obamacare? Why does Congress give itself a raise and hold back on granting a pittance of an increase to the members of the military? Why is it not illegal for members of Congress to "insider" trade? What is the purpose of Congress if they cannot restrain King Obama from doing what he sees fit regardless of the law? What has happened to states' rights? And I hate it when I hear that it will only cost another few billion when it comes to "political pork" such as Senator Reid's concern for the signing cowboys but in the next breath to cut the budget a few billion will devastate too many pet programs. In other words, sometimes a billion dollars sounds like pocket change while other times it sounds like spending a billion will wreck the economy. And, finally, thanks for the extra $18 added to my social security check.


    01/01/2014 08:18 PM


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